DRIVECLUB release date revealed in brand new trailer

PS blog: "Hi all. It’s a big day for us at Worldwide Studios as we are now in a position to announce a launch date for the much anticipated PS4 exclusive title from Evolution Studios – DRIVECLUB.

The team has been working relentlessly on the game and have captured a new video to showcase just how impressive it’s currently looking. I absolutely loved it so please watch through to find out the date."

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MightyNoX1662d ago

Dynamic light, day to night cycles, dynamic backgrounds.

One word: Beautiful.

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Rickgrimes951662d ago

October?? Are you shitting me? I was expecting July at the latest. I mean it looks good the delay probably helped a lot but still very disappointing we have to wait that long

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1662d ago

Me too I was so hyped then when I saw October my heart sunk :(

Game will be tons better for it I'm sure. But I'm gonna have to take it off my radar at least until after summer.

Crazyglues1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

@ Rickgrimes95

Yeah Game looks amazing but - October? Ouch!..

-I too was expecting July or something sooner then that... wow, will be playing destiny by then..

-All jokes aside I wouldn't be surprised if in October we get another delay the way this is going..

||.........___||............ ||

Rickgrimes951662d ago

I just love how hyped that trailer got me, just to shatter it with that release date. And honestly there's so many games coming out in October I probably won't even have time to play it until november

QuickdrawMcgraw1662d ago

Why were you expecting July at the latest?

Christopher1662d ago

Better to be disappointed by a delay than a crappy game?

scott1821662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Game looks so ridiculously great. But I have to agree, I wasn't expecting it to take so long to release. They have to be working on VR support. These graphics plus VR support would be heaven.

slimeybrainboy1662d ago

Probably because it was almost released Nov 2013, we had no reason to believe the game needed an extra year! Watch Dogs was only 6 months delayed and it wasnt even made playable at events or fully revealed.

showtimefolks1662d ago


yeh it sucks but if it helps the game i for one don't mind waiting few more months. If the game is excellent and gets high 9's after release than we will know that the delay helped

so let's give it a chance. one year of extra development will only help improve the game

its a new IP so sometimes it takes longer, evolution studios have a great track record

CocoWolfie1662d ago

yeah :( itll be on a lot of people christmas lists but so far october is a good month for gaming

3-4-51662d ago

Finally Find out release date...then complain about said release date ?

You just gained knowledge and complaining about it.

This gives them more time to tweak and perfect the game and have it run as efficiently as possible.

amiga-man1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

WOW impressive stuff and a cut down version free with PS+ to try first, the wait looks like it will be worth it, can't wait.

Dee_911662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

definitely pissed about the wait.The Crew and Drive Club were the main reasons for me jumping to next gen.Now to hear they are coming basically a year later really sucks.. Oh well, time for the waiting game I guess.

So because we waited on a release date that means we aren't allowed to "complain" about it? That makes no sense at all.No doubt the delay may be worth it but it doesn't make the wait any easier for me.

Muffins12231661d ago

Supposed to be a launch title and got delayed almost a entire year 0_o

amazinglover1661d ago

October is going to be a very busy month I guarantee some good games will get missed and lose out on sales. Especially on the 7th Driveclub, Aliens, Dragon Age and Shadows of Mordor should be good for gamers as these games might go on sale sooner to sell when they don't sell like hotcakes out the gate.

k3rn3ll1661d ago

VR support the cause of delay? "Ur crazy man. I like you, but ur crazy"

Conzul1661d ago

LOL did you guys see that Shu's was the drift score that needed beating? Cheeky Sony, cheeky.

OT: Wow.....just wow VFX, SFX.

abstractel1661d ago

Volumetric clouds/fog look fantastic, can see how well that can be used in other games. Also very disappointed by the October release date though.

On October 7 and 8;

Alien Isolation
Shadow of Mordor
Dragon Age: Inquisition

A week after, Oct 15:


Expensive two weeks.

Baccra171661d ago

You know gamers don't play games April-August. They have to save it fr October so that they can compete against a whole bunch of other games for that Christmas money.

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Dark111662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I think the releasing the game on October 8 with alien isolation and Dragon age and shadow of mordor is a bad move from sony
also batman AK likely to be released on october 14th

bad call sony bad call , Driveclub getting sent to die.


because it's true? unless you think October 8 is perfect date?
sure you can call me a troll but i want you to keep your eyes on Driveclub sales on october.

JP13691662d ago

Being offered as a PS Plus release could help them quite a bit though. Get people hooked on the core game, then offer them more cars and tracks for a little extra. Being free also has the advantage of easily establishing the franchise.

bleedsoe9mm1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

COD day or during E3 would be the only worse dates . at least its a fall release they might have confidence its fair to good

GarrusVakarian1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

"because it's true? "

What?! It's true because you say so? Give me a break. It's definitely not the wisest decision to release it in October, but saying it's "being sent to die" is pure troll hyperbole and you know it.

I won't be keeping my eyes on it's sales in October, i'll be keeping my eyes on my screen, playing it.

Day one.

MysticStrummer1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

PS+ users get that version for free, so I don't think it matters what other games are out at the time. If it was up against another big racing title I could see your point, but not those games.

I was hoping for a sooner release than that though. Oh well. It does look very nice, but then it always did.

Joe9131662d ago

I doubt a lot of ppl only get one game a season and if so the other games may not be their type of game the only real competition is the Crew unless you are a kid and can only ask for one game at a time but for most adults if they like it they will buy it may not be day one but it will get bought especially since games like Alien and Batman can be beat and put up where Drive Club can be played online until ppl stop playing or the servers go down.

mt1662d ago

the games you listed are apple , pineapple, lemon , and driveclub: orange.

so I think it will be fine as long as there are people who prefer orange over other fruits.

Dee_911662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

@Dark11 I think you don't get the concept when people usually say its a bad idea to release certain games around the same time.The main factor always being, that they are in the same genre or target the same crowd.Each of the games you listed are totally different genres and the effect on each other will be slim.
I never even heard of shadow of mordor, and I'm not a dragon age fan, so thats one sale that wont be affected..

Ashunderfire861661d ago

October 7th and 8th will be crowded days full of game releases. Could be the best week of gaming ever! All else to say is that I can't wait to watch this on twitch/Ustream.

Rainstorm811661d ago

Uhhh dont MOST popular racing games release in the Fall??

Need for Speed series, Forza & Horizion, and Gran Turisimo 6

Now Drive Club.....also Shadow of mordor and Alien are new IPs just like Drive Club an dont really share the same fanbases.

Shadow of Mordor may take more of a hit because of Batman Arkham Knight.

Havent we all learned that there is room for multiple games and consoles yet??

Not to mention PS consoles usually have a very very strong racing fanbase

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Aceman181662d ago

I am READY!!!!!!!!

game looks stunning and more importantly fun as hell :)

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alexg5871662d ago

Dam i held out from buying a racing game cause of this game ...guess i should get need for speed now

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assdan1661d ago

Wow, delayed almost a year, but it looks like it was worth it. Hopefully this game is a forza killer, not just a game to say "look! We have a racing game too!"
I hope it's still free on PS plus (doubting it) because I don't think I'll actually get the game. Not much of a racing guy aside from the visual aspect.

Notramagama1661d ago

Unfortunately not 60fps though... But honestly I'd take dynamic light over an addition 30fps. And Im an xb1 guy. But sim and arcade racers need different sacrifices I guess

trancefreak1661d ago

Hell ya! October boo, but hell ya this looks sick. PS4 Ready to rock.

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DVS-Zev1662d ago

Looking very good.That smokey mist over the mountains..daaamn!

And to think, there were those telling me this game is in development hell and probably wouldn't make it this year lol

rarity1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Holy crap that looks amazing! I love the dynamic backgrounds it looks stunning(the mist looks amazing!) And it changes from day to night and has dynamic lighting and that just makes it look even more gorgeous.

Dark111662d ago

October 8th? Ouch. Probably will be getting Dragon age and shadow of mordor instead.

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Charybdis1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Why even compare to those games they both aren't racing games. Will be releasing against project cars (november 2014) and maybe even (rumoured september release) forza horizon 2. This year will and past few months already have been a good year for race fans.

hellzsupernova1661d ago

I was going to say isnt project cars coming out around then. At least it is out infront of that

Salooh1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Why choose?. Just hide money . There are plenty of months that don't have games. I will buy all the games because i do that.

Another awesome game in october. There are like 4 or 5 great games at that month lol

Orange Juice1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I will absolutely be buying all three, probably more. As a ps4 owner, I buy most every good game to add to my collection. Hopefully they all come out on the same day so I dont have to wait any more than necessary.

Charybdis1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Wouldn't buy both at the same time (driveclub free to play). Sony has many good deals by the time you finish one you might get the other one for a better price.

MysticStrummer1662d ago

I guess you love fantasy games and hate racing games.

DA and SoM are too similar for me to ever consider buying them at the same time, but DA isn't on my radar anyway because I thought Origins was pretty overrated. Just my opinion.

I don't see other releases really interfering with DC because of the PS+ version. If the game is good people will buy it eventually and in the meantime they can still race.

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chrissx1662d ago

This game is gonna set the standard of what a next gen racer should be like

KochieAU1662d ago

Have you seen Project CARS? It blows this out of the water in terms of a next gen racer.

WeAreLegion1662d ago

I've been playing Project CARS for awhile now. It's a good looking game. Really. And the physics are, by far, the best out there. And the engine sounds! Wonderful.

However, Driveclub looks like it will give Project CARS a run for its money. Seriously. Did you see how incredible it looks?!?

LakerGamerEnthusiast1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Katy Perry or Victoria Justice?

Why not both? because, one is just as great looking as the other.. right?

Or would you just pick one... (I hope not);)

Driveclub is just as great looking as Project CARS is. No need to pin them against each other because you'd be idiotic to choose one over the other if Money wasn't an issue.

AndrewLB1661d ago

You obviously haven't been playing Project Cars these past few months because it's really starting to come together.

Check out the latest trailer. Talk about AMAZING.

turgore1662d ago

Forza 5 already did that. Is this game even 60fps ?

frostypants1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

You mean Forza 4.5

scott1821662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

If they managed to hit 60fps in Drive Club I will seriously be shocked. It is true next gen visuals and racing environment. Drive Club and Project Cars make me very excited

SoulSercher6201661d ago

Is that a joke? Gran Turismo 6 can do everything Forza 5 is doing and more.


zeuanimals1661d ago

Correction: It's gonna set the standard for what a next gen racer should look like, and maybe a few features.

I really don't want Gran Turismo 7 to be anything like Driveclub in terms of car selection and mechanics. Driveclub isn't a sim and it seems to feature exclusively Euro Sports cars and nothing else.

Weather, dynamic time, destruction, etc., I'll take that in GT7, though they're all in previous GT games, but they can't compare to what Driveclub is doing with that.

Notramagama1661d ago

Too bad it wont set the standard for next gen racing sim at 30fps

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