Microsoft Studios Working on New AAA Title–They Sure Are Being Mysterious These Days

Twinfinite writes:

"I’m not entirely sure what has been going on at Microsoft lately, but I certainly like it. Yesterday, a new job listing by Microsoft Studios appeared looking for a Software Development Engineer Lead."

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christocolus1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

“ This certainly implies that they’re looking for a big kahuna to really grab a big bull by the horns.” Lol

They are certainly working hard on some unannounced stuff. I'm begining to think this E3 will be sort of a relaunch for the xbox one. So much in going on at MS studios now, Phil has been hinting at new partnerships, new unannounced 1st party studios, return of classic franchises and the development of brand new ips..according to Phil, they have never had these many games in development in the entire histroy of xbox.

The fact they announced the xbox original programming outside of the show means a that E3 will be a 100% game focused show for MS and Phil is going to keep doing all it takes to correct the mistakes made by his predecessor.

As I said earlier this is going to be a relaunch of the console...I'm expecting really huge announcements at the show. I guess gamers in general have a lot to look forward to.

thecastroregime1688d ago

Indeed. I don't have a particular preference in the console war, so I'm really excited to see how Microsoft's priorities have changed since last year. Naive as it may sound, I really do have hope that, under new leadership, they'll become a more fan-friendly company.

Ritsujun1688d ago Show
4Sh0w1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Wow, anything is news these days. I mean really theres no game mentioned or projected dates so little tidbits of every move a company makes doesn't seem very newsworthy imo but OK. I mean wouldn't you think sony, micro, and Nintendo as owners of a gaming platform should be constantly looking for new talent to make future games, unless they are planning to get out of the gaming industry?

Septic1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

With all this hype...they better deliver. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay.

My ideal show would be, a return of classic franchises so a new Perfect Dark or Banjo game plus some new AAA titles and cool indie games as well as more gameplay footage of Quantum Break, Fable Legends and Sunset Overdrive.

christocolus1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Lol...I second that. but do you think BTs suspended project will be released down the line? I was looking forward to that too.

Ontopic: we already know that Rare, BT, lionhead, Turn10, 343i and the smaller guys all have their hands full so im guessing this new project could be in development by a second party studio or one of the unannounced 1st party studios.

Septic1688d ago


Yeah I don't think we'll see BT's new project (if it indeed exists). If anything, I think they'll be too busy with Gears of War. That's a big IP and not only do they have to do the series for justice, they have to somehow reinvigorate the franchise too because frankly, GoW got kind of stale for me.

redwin1688d ago

They are bringing back Tao-Feng :)

Godmars2901688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

How can they use this E3 as a relaunch by focusing on nothing but games, when they did the same thing last E3?

They need to show competence, and to do that they need to present the diversity of their brand. Show apps, TV shows, games for the XB1 - and games for the 360. Give something to current customers rather than say, "Buy this new thing!"

They need to show that they can juggle. Not just toss one ball at a time. Cause that's he exact reason their consoles became known as "FPS" consoles.

Septic1688d ago

Well said. This is exactly what needs to happen.

Someone show this post to Phil Spencer!

christocolus1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


Yeah i do agree with all youve said and i think Phil Spencer would agree too cos it seems you both share the same line of thought. The guy already seems to be heading in that direction and at E3 their grand plans will be revealed and those still sitting on the fence will finally be able to decide what to do.

The console has been plagued by a lot of mixed messaging since its reveal and all that drama caused some confusion among xbx fans..most became confused and undecided about what to buy. The first step to correcting this was dropping the former head of xbx and putting a more gamer oriented guy in charge.

Phils being doing great but he does have a lot to do to convince more gamers and thats why i feel they will be doing a relaunch of the xbox one at E3. No more mixed messaging, no more bad pr..they will state their plans and forge ahead.. be it new ips,new studios, studio buyouts/aquisitions, software updates, xbox live expansion, xbox vr,cloud, xbox originals etc..they need to get the message straight and as you stated above they need to show they can joggle and joggle really good... E3 is going to be a blast.. mark my words bro.

Dannyh1688d ago

E3 is a month away, so this will end up being a new first party game they show at next years e3

jessupj1688d ago

Yup, it's looking like MS is going to have a killer show. They're working really hard to regain favor with the gamers.

Sony will be seeing this also and definitely won't be just twiddling their thumbs.

In the end, all gamers win.

Automatic791688d ago

@ Chris

You always know how to hit the nail in the head. Every time I come across your comments you get me amped for E3 can't wait.

christocolus1688d ago

Lmao.. My anticiaption levels are through the roof. Thanks bro. Ill keep spreading the excitment

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IanVanCheese1688d ago

What triple A strategy franchises are there? I'm assuming it has to be Age of Mythology/Empires.

Also assuming (and kinda hoping) this is a PC release, strategy doesn't work on console.

hello121688d ago

Phil Spencer has already outlined the focus for Microsoft this gen more first party games, supported by second and third party games.

Your going to see Microsoft buy new studios and fund development of new ideas for games.

Bonkerz1688d ago

Good god, MS has been amazing with the X1. So happy to see how focused they are on giving gamers the best experience, and really bringing the exclusive titles to the console. Keep it up, great exclusives, constant updates, apps, entertainment, and an amazing network.

Einhert1688d ago

All these promises from Sony & MS that they are working on tons of new AAA titles.

I will believe it when I see them all at E3.

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