The story Behind inFAMOUS Second Son’s Photo Mode

Fred Dutton on Apr 29, 2014 // SCEE Blog Manager -
If you’ve been keeping even half an eye on gaming-related forums, blogs and social feeds over the last week or two you will surely have seen the stunning fruits of inFAMOUS Second Son’s brilliant Photo Mode, which developer Sucker Punch added to the game via an update earlier this month. It’s fair to say the new feature has surpassed everyone’s expectations and taken off in a big, big way – there are some absolutely incredible images out there, all created by you, the gamers.
So, to find out a little more about how it came to be and what the studio is making of its reception, we caught up with the man behind Photo Mode, Sucker Punch Senior Software Engineer Matt Durasoff.

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waltyftm1688d ago

Interesting read, i hope a lot more games implement this feature in the future.

Jeff2571688d ago

Agreed. I think with it being so out there now and with the big focus on Share with the PS4 I think Sony would do well to implement it more. It is free publicity for their games and the system from the people who play them. With Share Factory coming tomorrow I expect we will see a lot more inFamous vids as well as others. I just hope they constantly update that app.

Farsendor11687d ago

yep, imo every game on every platform could use this feature. i think that would be neat.