Review: Daylight (New Gamer Nation)

Horror games are officially in "come-back" mode thanks to their success on the PC platform. Games like Slender and Amnesia showed gamers that being scared can be fun and there is a place in gaming for horror. Even Outlast on the PlayStation 4 executed its mission nicely and strengthened the case that horror games are here to stay. Then we have Davlight, a procedurally-generated horror game. Basically, Daylight's base elements are generated on the fly so each playthrough you experience is never the same. This concept works great for action and puzzle games since it keeps gamers on their toes and keeps the material fresh. On the surface, this method of game design should translate well to the horror genre because it would just enhance the random aspects of the game which is where most horror games derive their scares from. However, with Daylight, not everything went according to plan.

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