Ground Zeroes, Women, and Why They Don't Get Along

One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming dove into some issues he had with MGS: Ground Zeroes. Do you agree with him? Did Hideo Kojima go too far?

Spoilers for MGSV: Ground Zeroes and Trigger Warning for Rape, PTSD, and similar issues

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Inception1661d ago

"For every misfire like this one; there is a silver lining. Games like Papa y Yo and Gone Home tackle more mature themes and handle them with such a deft touch that it gives hope that gaming can tell more adult stories. Unfortunately, Metal Gear is not one of those; and I don’t think I’ll be playing one again."

Lol, he doesn't want to play MGS again just because of this?! Oh man, gaming journos this day really fucked up!

Anyway, already read the article and just like i guess the writer didn't had any clue about MGS. So, i'll put this link for the writer and people who approved this.

Soldierone1661d ago

That alone makes the article contradict itself. States that "some games" can be taken seriously, then says MGS can't do it. Why? Because he put a bomb in a vagina? Sorry to break the news to you, in the real world of war.... really really bad things happen all the time! Go back and read historical stories from wars in Korea etc and look at what they did to female soldiers back then.

It makes no sense to me with this whole battle. People cry and cry and cry to get women in games at "equal" length as males, so they do it, and then they cry foul on how it's done? How does it degrade women in any way? In past games it was male characters that were tortured. Hell two of the most iconic characters in the whole franchise are females (strong leader like Meryl, and awesome badarse Sniper Wolf) However the article makes it clear that while they said "I love MGS" they wouldn't know this because all they played was probably part of the first MGS and thats it. Simply playing Peace Walker would put a lot of the game in more "context" for them.

Getting kind of tired of the double standards on everything. If you are going to cry "offensive!!!" everytime they push buttons with a female character, then why bother? Oh right because you cry about not having a female character too.....

Lord_Sloth1661d ago

Something I've found in my years, women who complain about things life this don't want equality, they want superiority.

Paz was subjected to a very real situation in a war zone. They just didn't drive bolts through her Achilles Tendon. *shivers*

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1661d ago

Not even worth discussing. Dead topic. You either care way too much, or have an alternate agenda(people calling foul on it being priced $20-$30), or you don't care.

ZombieGamerMan1661d ago

Well as the first to make a post let me say I read this article and yes people it's garbage please don't give them any views. One is enough.

Now I'm not saying it's garbage because hey I like Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid, or Kojima, honestly I am a harsh critic when it comes to series but I still find this article as pure garbage.

First off the lay out is just horrible with it being so short but spaced out so much that it makes the page longer.

Secondly the complaints he brings is that the horrible acts done upon Paz is there to just give you a reason to hate Skull Face and that it devalues women. So here's the thing tell me why is giving you a reason to hate Skull Face a bad thing?

If he didn't do anything against anyone, hurt anyone than why would I bother to do anything, the fight would be meaningless since there is no sense of conflict. So him doing the things he did is there yes to make you hate them but that doesn't devalue Paz and the reason why is because even in the face of all these brutal acts guess what she never betrayed Big Boss.

So it shows how strong she is because she took on the abuse all so she could protect him, even in the tape where she talks about Zero is not even her breaking down under torture but as an act to save someone she cared for. So she was not devalued.

Also SPOILERS while yes you don't see the character's reacting to her death it's because guess what the explosion caused them to crash. Finally yes the vagina bomb is a bit much but you know what at the same time what else could they do? They are trying to blow up Big Boss and shoving another bomb in her stomach wasn't happening so yeah one in her uterus is the only other hiding place.

You know I understand in gaming we do tend to sexualize female characters and put them as just a goal or motivation for a main character but you know there's a limit. Stop making everything an issue when some stuff shouldn't be, I can understand if a woman said how uncomfortable the thought could be but you know with the context behind it you can't call it sexist.

To make a long story short for the guys who won't read the wall prior, badly presented article that wants to wave the sexist banner for no reason.

NovusTerminus1661d ago

I dunno... my mom liked the game, so women don't seem to just hate the game, stop generalizing.

MeteorPanda1661d ago

oh okay, l didn't know l didn;t like the game, thanks random person.

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