When is Free to Play Coming to Xbox One

Max Level: A lot has changed for Microsoft since E3 2013 and the Xbox One is in a way better position now. They have made nice with the indie developer and we are starting to see a few games make their way to the console. With that being said, there is still something missing here……free to play.

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B1uBurneR1694d ago

I don't see the point of free to play.. get rid of it level the playing field. The free play and pay to win sound like something that should be in a casino not video games.

Gamer6661694d ago

All F2P really is:

- Grind for eternity to play for free
- Microtransactions to skip the grind to eternity
- Subscribe to one game every month to keep the network up
- Experience a ton of advertising while playing

All are marketing deceptions. Anyone who thinks games or networks are F2P are clueless.