Why Demon's Souls is the most important game of a generation

Billy Withers writes about the importance of Demon's Souls at a time when gaming was in need of some inspiration.

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imt5581688d ago

Awesome game! One of a kind. Best in the Souls series for me (despite that this game is PS3 exclusive ).

miyamoto1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Demons Soul renewed the worlds interest in JRPG when Final Fantasy is continuously going downhill.

DVAcme1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I don't even consider this series a JRPG. It is nothing like the typical JRPG formula, feeling more like a more directly controlled dungeon crawler mixed with the sheer difficulty and itemfests of a Roguelike. It may be Japanese-MADE, but it's very far from Japanese-flavored. Hell, this series is MASSIVELY more popular in the West than in Japan. I'm pretty sure the Japanese servers for Demon's Souls were shut down a while ago, while they're still going strong in the West, and every time a new game in the series comes out, it jumpstarts players into playing the old ones again. My bro's playing Demon's Souls again right now, and he told me the servers are still packed with players.

Edit: Oh, and this game, along with Final Fantasy 13, is definite proof at how complacent with hand-holding Japanese players have become. This series is kinda niche in Japan, while FF13 was a massive hit and cultural phenomenon. FF13, which is the VERY DEFINITION of mediocrity and hand-holding in a game. Meanwhile, here in the West, except for the raging fanboys who don't know better, FF13 is rightfully seen as a dreadful game, while the Souls series is so popular that, since Demon's Souls came out, there has never been a day that one of the games is not on Gamefaqs' Top 10 most popular games. Hell, Dark Souls was #1 since it came out, it only lost its top spot to the newest Pokemon game, but then the top spot got taken by... Dark Souls 2 XD

MysticStrummer1687d ago

Demon's Souls was my favorite game of the whole generation, so I wholeheartedly agree with the article. I bought it mostly on a whim and was blown away. Not many games make me feel like I'm really in danger like that. Tense but amazingly fun.

Dark Souls was my second favorite. I got one the special editions, metal box to put the game case in and a book of art from the game, because whoever ordered it canceled at the last second and the GameStop manager just gave it to me. :D

diehardmetallicafan1687d ago

Same here, i bought it without knowing anything about it other than reading the case and i loved it. It did kick my arse though. Demon's Souls and Deus Ex HR are my two favorite games of last gen.

DragonKnight1687d ago

I concur. Demon's Souls is a game like no other. It sparked a rejuvenation in so many gamers who felt that gaming had become far too casual and easy, with an emphasis in total inclusion for everyone from 3 year olds to grandmas and we suffered for it.

That, plus incredibly tight gameplay and amazing lore made for the perfect storm. Demon's Souls remains one of my favourite games of all time, and Atlus of America's most successful published game ever.

Demon's Souls also stands as proof that the largest publishers in the industry, along with their marketing expert CEO's and gamer ignorance are completely wrong in the mentality that they need to shove out more Call of Duty games or its clones instead of innovative games.

The love for Demon's Souls is what got Atlus to keep the NA servers running indefinitely, the love for Demon's Souls is why there is a Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. And to think so many, including Sony, were ready to write it off entirely, thinking it would be too hard of a game for people to want to play. Well, we showed them didn't we?

DanielGearSolid1688d ago

Don't like to say "most" or "biggest" etc. about anything, but I will say... With all the annoying hand holding in the games I was playing, Demon's Souls was a breath of fresh air

showtimefolks1687d ago

no doubt man DS is one of the kind, no doubt Dark Souls may have improved on some aspects but to me DS has a very very specials place in my heart

Hellsvacancy1688d ago

Forget the Mass Effect trilogy i'd much rather have a PS4 version of Demon's Souls

porkChop1687d ago

Yeah Demon's Souls could really do with some anti aliasing, 1080p, and a bit of a graphical touch up. I got the game free with PS+ but I'd be willing to buy a proper PS4 version for a reasonable price ($30-$40).

MysticStrummer1687d ago

No doubt. Not even close. I used a Christmas gift card on ME trilogy and ended up trading it in before even finishing ME2. Demon's Souls, on the other hand, I've played through with multiple characters. Not to trophy hunt, because trophies mean nothing to me, but just to do it.

VsAssassin1687d ago

Demon's Souls really re-established that type of game in which players are expected to learn and be thinkers.

The sense of reward in this game is, dare I say, better than its two successors.

URNightmare1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I always wanted to play Demon's Souls but never bought for some reason. I got to play it thanks to PS+ and I couldn't put the controller down. Right after I finished it I went out to get Dark Souls but something was lacking, there was something missing and it never grabbed me. I never finished it. I still want to play Dark Souls II as I've heard it has a closer approach to Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls remains the better game in the Souls series in my opinion.

VsAssassin1687d ago

Dark Souls 2 have some elements from Demon's Souls that worked well for Demon's Souls. Do these elements work well in DS2? My answer is no.

In my own opinion, DS2 was trying to be two things at the same time - Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. I'm not discouraging you from buying DS2, but if you didn't like Dark Souls, I don't see any reason why you would like DS2.

-Foxtrot1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I hope they make Demons Souls 2 for the PS4

Only thing would they differ from what Dark Souls has done since it's kind of a spiritual sequel. They would need to do something which hasn't been seen in Dark Souls, I mean I can't really think of something which hasn't been done but would keep in line with the theme/tone of the game.

Palitera1687d ago

Simple: dont make every NPC hysterical and laughing and you're already miles away from Shiny Happy Souls.

DragonKnight1687d ago

Demon's Souls has a lot about it that's different actually. For one thing, the world is entirely different. It's even more lonely than both Dark Souls games. Then there's the lore, which left WAY more questions than both Dark Souls games and so has a lot more to work with. There's the Nexus system which is what A LOT of Demon's Souls players love and why Majula exists in Dark Souls 2 but it's not really the same.

There's also the battle system, which is actually probably one of the 2 biggest differences. Although I didn't like that I couldn't make a Dragon Uchigatana, I feel the weapon upgrades in Demon's Souls were more fun. Then there's weapons like the Meat Cleaver or Dragon Bone Smasher. There's the grass and MP system which I find to be superior to numbered spell casts.

There's also the ultimate troll setup. Acid Cloud + Scraping Spear + Soulsuck = Hate mail.

And finally, the biggest difference is the World and Character Tendency system. They tried to reintroduce a similar system in Dark Souls 2, but the Bonfire Ascetic or Champion's covenant feels like a tacked on inclusion to address the fact that Dark Souls 2 is an easier game than its predecessors overall. The sin system does nothing of value at all. At least with Character Tendency it had an impact on the strength or weakness of your Soul Form and the strength of Demonbrandt, Soulbrandt, and Northern Regalia.

Oh, and Faith Builds were the most OP build in the game. +5 Blessed Weapons, +5 Adjudicator's Shield, Regen ring, Regen miracle, nice.

Oh, and of course, MotherF'ing Old King Doran.

There are a ton of ways to make Demon's Souls 2 different from Dark Souls.

Then there's this... I mean... the hatemail you could get...

DVAcme1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

One thing I noticed going back to Demon's Souls after playing both Dark Souls games is that it is SO much faster than the other two. Going back to Demon's Souls felt like the jump in speed from Street Fighter 2 to SF2 Turbo. Riposting also felt much nicer in Demon's Souls, you really felt like you could capitalize out of parrying.

Edit: Oh, and my go-to setup to get hatemail was to make a speed build with loads of stamina and wail on them with the Baby's Nail. Practically no player had plague-curing items handy unless they were hitting the Valley Of Defilement, so they'd freak out and either die of plague or try to equip the item to heal and get backstabbed for their trouble. Hell, even if they had healing items equipped, you could easily quickly stab them out of the animation before they used it.

Double edit: Oh, and there was that ASSHOLE Old King Allant. Oh, you did grinding like a mofo to get to me? TOO BAD, LEMME SUCK A FEW SOUL LEVELS OUT OF YOU. NOTHING was as incredibly heartbreaking as doing well in that fight, him sucking your levels and suddenly becoming useless because your Strength stat just dropped enough that you can't use the weapon you have at hand.

imt5581687d ago


Quote :

I hope they make Demons Souls 2 for the PS4

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