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ritsuka6661665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Another COD? Sadly, there are those ''gamers'' that actually like crappy games with lots of explosions, so I'm sure they'll keep pumping these annual generic FPS games out.

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ger23961665d ago

That's a lot of "gamers".

mrpsychoticstalker1665d ago

Modern warfare is and will always be the best.

Mile high club.

I'm so proud of it.

Kribwalker1665d ago

I buy it because it has split-screen online, and my wife and me can play it on one X1 instead of having to play it in different rooms with the my 2nd X1. We don't play enough titanfall or PVZ together because of that reason. PVZ has splitscreen buy only 1 person gets coins and it's not online

Farsendor11665d ago

i havent bought a cod game since black ops, mw3 was gifted to me from a friend.

anyways ill probably buy this years cod game.

Rickgrimes951665d ago

What do you expect? If they keep making millions of course they're gonna put one out every year but if we gamers don't buy the game and it's sales are poor they will be more invested in revitalizing the series it lost my money after mw3

Magicite1665d ago

2 CODS and 2 ASS CREEDS this year, YAY! /s

mafiahajeri1665d ago

At least assassins creed innovated a lot with AC4 don't compare it to cod.

porkChop1665d ago

There's only 1 COD this year. Sledgehammer's.

josephayal1665d ago

I am absolutely happy to pay $90-$200 every year for a game that gives me ova 800 hours of happiness

bumnut1665d ago

800 hours? You need to get laid!

guyman1665d ago

COD, battlefield, AC and the like: they are really just plain terrible games

TyBREAKR1665d ago


Hey.hey.hey now. Don't judge the guy. We are on a videogame website.

Dmagic1665d ago

@humbug I swear most people who say that are virgin's what does getting laid have to do with anything? Don't know about you but sex only last a hour on a good night it's game time outside of that get a life and get laid kid.

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Elvis-201665d ago

lets not forget the amazing moments we all had as call of duty players. it is just that Ghost's sucks now does not mean the end of Call of Duty! I am really looking forward to the next CoD, but even more for the Treyarch one next year.

Shnooze1665d ago

This sort of thing is getting rather old. What's wrong with having different tastes?

spicelicka1665d ago

lol different taste is exactly what cod fanboys don't have.

Shnooze1664d ago


Where are the CoD fanboys though? All I can see, and all that my friends can see are people making fun of that stereotype, and none of the actual fanboys. There's literally no reason to go around saying that since people like something you don't like, they're fanboys or bad people.

imXify1665d ago

Another Pokemon game
Another Mario game
Another Assassin's Creed game
Another football/hockey/basketball game

But because CoD is the most popular one, people keep complaining about it. I'm sure Nintendo milked Mario and Pokemon worse than Activision with CoD.

MysticStrummer1665d ago

There's been far more variation to Mario games through the years than there has been with CoD, and sports titles aren't exactly going to evolve much beyond the visuals. I didn't enjoy AC1 all that much so I never bothered with the others.

Don't know jack about Pokemon lol

zero_gamer1665d ago

People complain about Nintendo not making new IPs on this site. Any article about the next big Mario or Zelda title often attracts comments like "this is the same old game I've played on my NES over 25 years ago" and what not.

UnholyLight1665d ago

Honestly, I do believe that CoD needs to make the necessary steps towards some new revolutionary graphics/gameplay...the way DICE did with Battlefield. Pretty sure this game will be the first of those new games that sets the ground for modern shooters again, the way CoD 2 paved the way for CoD 4!!

randomass1711665d ago

You're surprised that a new Call of Duty was announced? What's the matter with you?

Mini0510_131665d ago

so it's crappy before it's going to be released? and it's crappy because you don't like it? Sledgehammer games didn't even fully develop a call of duty yet. MW3 doesn't count because they only helped.
LMAO, kid. Stop acting like a dumbass.

TXIDarkAvenger1665d ago

CoD is actually a fun game though. Anyone can pick it up and play it. Not to mention its fast paced action. This is coming from someone who hasn't bought CoD since Black Ops.

Benchm4rk1665d ago

I agree. To me COD games are no different than movies like Expendables or Transformers. They are full of over the top action, cheesy one liners and plot holes. And thats why I enjoy them. I can just switch my brain off and watch shit blow up. I dont play COD for a deep story or anything like that. Its just fun to blow stuff up.

Ghost_Nappa1665d ago

A gamer is someone who plays video or computer games for fun, not someone who doesnt play cod because you dont like it.

reko1665d ago

cod4,waw and blops1 were the best cods imo.the rest were crap!

zero_gamer1665d ago

So every CoD fan is someone that doesn't fit in the "true" definition of a gamer? What does, someone that only plays your type of games?

ArmyCertified1665d ago

Imo even if they made the game exactly how you say you want it, you'd probably still complain

Automatic791665d ago

World at War was one of my favorite titles. It was the last game to have co-op campaign, great multiplayer and the likes of keifer Sutherland and the dude from Dracula narrating an excellent campaign that was more then 4 hours.

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davethedj1665d ago

man if you hate cod so much why do u even check this topic?????
just stop that bullshit!!!

ShadowKingx1665d ago

because its called a "Comment Section" same reason you

but he is correct, same game, different costume every year, people buy it, no reason for them to change it. i was looking forward to ghosts, but after playing it, at least for me, im done buying COD games.

ovnipc1665d ago

@bigdaddy then gtfo if you dont like CoD! I hope next cod its good, cause ghosts sucks, blops2 was great, maps are great. Ghosts new maps are better than the original ones in my opinion, the most I hate about ghosts are the spawn points I constantly get killed from the back. Pls sledgehammer make a good cod with next gen graphics.

ShadowKingx1665d ago

lol must be true, because i think i hit a nerve.

killzone6191665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )


in your case its called a troll section....

randomass1711665d ago

Why comment something you don't care about at all though? If it's a new and unexpected announcement then I kind of get it.

ShadowKingx1665d ago

because its called an "OPINION".

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BattleReach1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Looking foward to the reveal! I enjoyed every COD so far (except for Ghosts). Campaign is always great and playing multiplayer with friend keeps me hooked for hours.

But that's just my opinion/experience.

randomass1711665d ago

Haven't yet tried Ghosts. What made it so much worse than previous games?

Benchm4rk1665d ago

Love how someone disagreed with you for asking a legitimate question lol.

I dont hate ghosts but it was pretty weak. Campaign was WAY to short and easy. Veteran on Ghosts is like Regular on COD 2. Its crazy how easy they made it. I remember Veteran actually being a challenge from COD 1 through to Black Ops. Since then they just get easier and easier.

LambOfLucifer791665d ago

In other news, rain is wet and Canada experiences cold winters

Salooh1665d ago

That could change. End of the world :D

Swiggins1665d ago

Grab your tinfoil hats ladies and gentlemen, the end is nigh!

ArbitorChief1665d ago

If it has a new engine, then I'll be interested, if it's the same old ass IDTech3 engine, I'll pass.