Why The Order 1886 is Sony's most important new IP

The Order: 1886 is the closest thing we’ve seen to a proper PS4 must-have, but can a 19th Century cover shooter convince? Ready At Dawn creative director Ru Weerasuriya seems to think so.

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waltyftm1603d ago

The small amount that we have seen was stunning imo, cant wait to see and hear more about it.

TimmyShire1603d ago

It's probably one of my most anticipated PS4 games - I hope it pulls it off.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1603d ago

I've still the purchase a PS4, this could be the game that sways me, from what I've seen and heard it may turn out truly epic.

randomass1711603d ago

Order can definitely serve to be a great IP for Sony. I'm still crossing my fingers for coop with friends, but I think the game is going to be fantastic either way. :)

TomahawkX1603d ago

We really haven't seen anything on this game, monsters, weapons, exploration, puzzles, story etc... I'm glad they are holding back on info.

Ready at Dawn know what they are doing, and they will deliver a solid experience no doubt!

randomass1711603d ago

Pfft, you don't reveal the cool stuff until E3. Everyone knows that! ;D

Zefros1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

stunning yes but hope it's not just a typical cover based shooter.

Magicite1603d ago

I dont get it why did you get disagrees.

OpieWinston1603d ago

Because from the small amount of gameplay we've seen it's got a generic style of gameplay.
But graphically it's amazing, the gameplay wasn't mesmerizing at all.

3-4-51603d ago

One of these " Next Gen" games need to just be absolutely awesome & amazing in almost every way possible.

I still want to see that " Ahh haa" moment where I finally realize what Next Gen GAMEPLAY actually looks and feels like.

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ArbitorChief1603d ago

A linear third person shooter... INNOVATION!

FlunkinMonkey1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Yea because nothing screams innovation like an FPS with a Yank space marine, who saves the day.. Hoorahhhh!

This setting is far more unique than your beloved Halo's. Whoops, just realised I could've been talking about Halo OR Titanfall.

You're really letting your stealth trolling skills down recently. Your insecurity has just been beaming through your comments lately.

guyman1603d ago

ha ha ha titanfall ..... SO INNOVATIVE. see what i did there? ya thought so, now go troll somewhere else.

ArbitorChief1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Not sure where I mentioned Titanfall or Halo? All I said was this game wasn't innovated, but clearly my comment upset you so much you resorted to games that weren't even mentioned. But are you suggesting that Halo has brought no innovation to the FPS genre and that The Order 1886 will bring more innovation than Halo ever did? I laugh at that, Halo 2 says hi XD

Also, what am I insecure about? If I want to play this game, I can play it, I have a PS4.

sic_chops1603d ago

He hasn't even seen that much of the game and he is dismissing it. Marked for trolling.

FlunkinMonkey1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I'm referring to:

1 - Your avatar, which clearly indicates you praise Halo.

2 - Your constant love you show for Titanfall..

Is it really that hard to see why I placed the reference?

The premise of the setting is FAR more innovative than Halo, yup.. Steam punk era set in London, compared to Halo's? haha. Yea...

As for the games innovative mechanics.. it isn't out for over 7 months or so, and you've seen 3 minutes of gameplay.. Neither of us can judge that until it is out, i'm not saying it is more innovative game play wise, because i haven't seen enough. You are a joke.

You don't own a PS4, you are just are just second account troll, and a bad one at that.. everyone knows it.

Time to make a new account there soon, mate? Maybe jump on this thread with another?

djplonker1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )


A linear third person shooter.... sounds like gears of war or quantum break.

You are an obvious troll it must hurt that bungie is favouring the ps4 this time round huh?

Ravenheartzero1603d ago

Pretty much most games released are not innovative anymore, it's how they are executed. Very good chance the next gears of war will be a linear third person cover based shooter, won't stop fans of the series from enjoying it if it's fun to play. From the small gameplay trailer I have seen of the order I think it looks great and a game I will hopefully enjoy. So yea a game doesn't have to separate itself from the crowd to be a great game

kayoss1603d ago

"You are an obvious troll it must hurt that bungie is favouring the ps4 this time round huh?"

Dude if you going spew stuff like this make sure you get the facts straight.

You are an obvious troll it must hurt that ALL DEVELOPERS are favoring the PS4 this time round huh?

There i fixed it for you. Please dont let it happen again. LOL

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gamesTM_dom1603d ago

I'm still dubious about this - yeah, it looks good and it has some nice ideas, but Ready At Dawn aren't exactly known for their innovative game-making and top-tier production values.

Still, I have high hopes!

GarrusVakarian1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I know this is RAD's first big console project and i know they don't have a huge rep. But they shouldn't be doubted so easily. The God Of War games they did for the PSP were very well received, as was the God Of War Origins collection for PS3. They did an excellent job.

They are also made up of ex-Naughty Dog members ;)

Going from those games straight into a huge next-gen project is no easy task. But im optimistic about them as a studio and The Order 1886.

randomass1711603d ago

Someone pointed out to me that Rocksteady didn't have a great track record before they did the Arkham games. Never count out an aspiring developer with ambitious ideas. ;)

Bathyj1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Before LBP Media Molecule didnt have a huge rep.
Same with Halo and Bungie.
Crash and Naughty Dog.
Titanfall and Respawn.

Everyone has to start somewhere. All of those games had great positive buzz before they were even out. So does The Order. People believe in what that can see.

And like Lukas said, RaD arent exactly noobies. Theyve made many great games (based on someone eles IP) but I think thats what driving them to prove themselves in their own right.

shinrock1603d ago

I just see dishonored all over again.

MasterCornholio1603d ago

They made good games before (on the PSP) so I have hope that this game will be good.

ft3nemo1603d ago

Then again, little else is.

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mezati991603d ago

i seriously can't wait for this game

Baccra171603d ago

I like the Order and it's premise a lot but I wouldn't go so far as to call it Sony's most important new IP.

Fishy Fingers1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

What is then? Other than Drive Club which new IP has a tenth of the hype The Order does?

While like any game, the system won't hinge on its success, but it's certainly the current poster boy for what the systems capable off and in that respect a hugely important title.

marlinfan101603d ago

what new IP would be more important?

randomass1711603d ago

Something to be announced at E3 perhaps?

MasterCornholio1603d ago

The only other new IPs are Drive club and maybe the Last Guardian.

So out of these two what would you choose?

Unless you have some secret information for us.

Baccra171603d ago

@above Way I see it is this- you start throwing around titles and what not like "Sony's most important and new IP" you set expectations that become a burden.
Once the game comes out even if it is great, it won't live up to those lofty titles and ambition it's been given. It will then be considered a let down and be trashed by MS and NIN followers and everyone else under the sun.

The Order is a game that has lots of potential and made by a group of people whose games I liked quite a lot. I rather have expectations set in reality and be pleasantly surprised than to give it titles it can't live up to.

Finally it's only PS4 first year- if its "most important and new ip" is coming out in the first year somethings wrong. I expect such a mythical title to come out when developers have a greater grasp on the system, what it can do and be made to do, and the unique innovations they can do only with PS4.

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