Is Infinity Ward's Next Call Of Duty PS4 & Xbox One Only?

NowGamer: "A job listing on Infinity Ward's official site reveals that the Call of Duty developer is working on their next game for PS4 and Xbox One, which looks to be next-gen only."

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TimmyShire1690d ago

I just hope that we start to see more next-gen only games from here on out. Here's hoping for E3.

Ted_Breakfast1690d ago

Yep. People want next-gen only now.

I'm also hoping for some announcements at E3 that aren't just HD remakes.

TimmyShire1690d ago

I'm not sure where I stand on HD remakes. In some ways it's good for those who didn't play them on PS3/360, but in others it's just not very original.

I just want something new. Though saying that I am enjoying Trials and looking forward to Child Of Light.

randomass1711690d ago

@Timmy They're good for those who are interested in them. It'll only be a problem if it starts dominating the market.

gamesTM_dom1690d ago

I don't mind last-gen releases, but I do get annoyed at cross-gen: it just dilutes both releases, really. Not taking full advantage of newer hardware, cutting corners on older hardware.

TimmyShire1690d ago

Couldn't agree more - though I would rather they focused on next-gen now. There's what, 11/12 million next-gen consoles out there now? That's 11/12 million people desperate for something new to play.

starchild1690d ago

Probably PC, PS4 and XB1 like Assassin's Creed Unity.

PrivateRyan1690d ago

Good. The Call Of Duty series needs to step up after Ghosts.

DoomeDx1690d ago

They need to step up after Call of Duty 4*

Gamer-401690d ago

No offense.
I like Ghosts (next-gen version).
Absolutely not bad military FPS.

TekoIie1690d ago

Each COD game isn't necessarily bad. It's just a case where you wonder why someone would want Ghosts over one of the previous games.

randomass1711690d ago

@Tekolie The CoD fanbase just enjoy their annual release it seems, not unlike any football picks up the latest Madden despite being nearly identical to the previous game.

BattleReach1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Of course it's next gen only. Sledgehammers' this year, Treyarch next year which means Infinity Ward is making a COD for 2016.

candy_mafia1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

If it's not then PS4/X1/PC need to be lead platforms!

I have zero interest in up-scaled, slightly better than last gen engines. With the exception of remasters/remakes etc....

It's the no.1 reason I didn't pick up Ghosts last year. put simply, there is no excuse for new gen projects to look last gen with better textures IMO

Volkama1690d ago

But are remakes/remasters really an exception? Does that mean COD: Ghosts would have been OK if they delayed the next gen launch by a year and called it a "remaster"?

Remasters are just as dubious imo, but they sort of get away with it purely because the games are of a higher quality in the first place. I'd still rather see the whole focus be on genuinely new games for the next gen consoles.

randomass1711690d ago

I completely agree with you. Thing is often the remasters are either done by smaller teams or even outsourced. A small branch of Naughty Dog is working on TLOU Remastered while the bulk of the team is doing Uncharted 4. This I don't mind as long as it doesn't get in the way.

Gamer-401690d ago

I think yes, 100% only next-gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.