Destiny Will Be At Sony's E3 Conference; Beta Announcement "Soon", Definitely A "Looker" On PS4

GearNuke: "Bungie's Destiny is well positioned for another E3 Showcase at Sony's Conference this year. We can also expect an announcement of the Beta for Destiny "Soon" according to the Community Manager of Bungie."

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Massacred1667d ago

No surprise there.

Just 5 more months.

DJMarty1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Great to see Devs favoring PS4 over the crappy underpowered/overpriced X1.

ScareFactor1667d ago

I don't know about crappy......

Games don't look any different or noticeably better on the PS4 over the Xbox One, there is a slight difference but not a huge jump, for a console having a "50%" power advantage

marlinfan101667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


i wonder how you ever got down to one bubble, your post are so helpful

it shows the state of this site that he'd actually get as many agrees as disagrees so far with that post

slimeybrainboy1667d ago

No need to be so blunt, it's not as if XB1 can't play games. This is why you have one bubble.

I'm dissapointed though, this means that another 5-10 mins of the conference will not be new IP's/unannounced games. I guess you gotta have some multiplats, but Destiny is losing my interest.

Septic1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

This kid has got 13 agrees and 10 disagrees. Sheesh...ridiculous.

I'm sure it'll look fine on the X1. Us 'true' gamers wish the best for all platforms.

imt5581667d ago


Quote :

"Games don't look any different or noticeably better on the PS4 over the Xbox One, there is a slight difference but not a huge jump, for a console having a "50%" power advantage"

Some games look noticeable better on PS4. Resolution difference in some multiplatform games are huge.

No_Limit1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I am getting this game on XB1 even though I can get the PS4 version but I like the controller better for FPS, more of my buds are on XB1, and I currently only have Live and not PSN + so pre ordering the XB1 version was a easy decision for me but I am sure many will get the version that they think fits their gaming taste the best as both should be almost identical in terms of gameplay and graphics are concern with the PS4 being at a slightly higher resolution but I am totally fine with 900p or whatever on XB1 as the above options mentioned are more important to me.

Bathyj1667d ago

Yeah he has agrees, and disagrees, but only one bubble, that just shows a troll is a troll, whatever the favour.

Maybe we need to start taking that last bubble for a couple weeks off these underbridge dwellers.

MysticStrummer1667d ago

"Games don't look any different or noticeably better on the PS4 over the Xbox One"


Last generation, sites like Lens of Truth made a living off of pixel counting comparisons because the differences were so small they were usually hard to see.

So far this generation the differences are often noticeable when watching a YouTube video.

randomass1711667d ago

@DJMarty Oh what the heck is with that trolling? Someone just had to start bashing another console, didn't they. :/

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marlinfan101667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


"Resolution difference in some multiplatform games are huge."

and which game would that be exactly? ps4 has slightly better graphics but its no where near huge, its hardly noticeable lol

imt5581667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Wait, what!?

1080p and 720p are no huge difference ( MGS and COD anybody? )

This is not COD on PS3 and X360 were is minor difference in resolution (about 60p). Well, i see i'm getting disagree votes. I said something wrong? :)

marlinfan101667d ago


have you actually played both games on both consoles or just talking out of your ass? go play them both and youll see they're really not a night and day difference like you seem to think

Sevir1667d ago

Yes. I have and you CAN tell. Multiplateform Games do look better, and very much noticeable on the PS4... Some may Run the same in terms of Frame rate, visually there are things that set them apart, Resolution for one.

Ron_Danger1667d ago

It's only hardly noticeable if you're an MS fanboy this current gen. Just like it was hardly noticeable last gen if you were a Sony fanboy.

The tables have turned and only Sony fans can actually see the difference because we had to swallow that hard pill last gen. MS fanboys just need to accept what the current state of XB1 games is and move on.

GTgamer1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

So yoursaying theirs no difference between 720p and 1080p hmmmm I wonder devs even bothered making games 1080p on PS4 when they could of kepted it at 720p since you said its hardly noticeable (•ิ_•ิ).

marlinfan101667d ago

when did i say theres no difference? if you guys would read my comments i said there is a difference, its just not night and day like some people make it out to be.

i forgot, if i say anything about xbox graphics being good, you get attacked on these type of sites

you guys are right, ps4 graphics are basically 4k while xbox is lagging behind in the dreamcast days, what a crappy console, right guys? my up votes are gonna skyrocket after that lol

randomass1711667d ago

Thing is while the higher resolutions are definitely a plus for PS4 it doesn't suddenly make all of the ports on Xbox One, which by the way don't have any noticeable flaws other than the lower resolutions, all function just as well fundamentally as their PS4 counterparts.

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reef10171667d ago

I am stupid pumped for this game and that video they just released pushed it over the top.

MasterCornholio1667d ago

Can't wait to play a bungie game on my PS4.

candy_mafia1667d ago

I preordered Destiny months ago....

It's Bungie, my confidence in their product is high :)

Farsendor11667d ago

im going to pre order once the CE or LE is announced.

Evil Rant Monkey1667d ago

... apparently you're not lol ^

You should pre-order now with $5, and you'll get a beta access code. You can always change your pre-order to CE or LE later on when they're announced.

Farsendor11667d ago

i dont care if im in the beta or not, ill buy when CE is announced.

randomass1711667d ago

Suit yourself. I look forward to playing the crap out of the beta. :D

Mrehan4861667d ago

Division is gonna rape this halo clone .

Salooh1667d ago

It doesn't work that way lol. They are the ones who created halo so i don't see any issue if there are some similarities , same with titanfall. As long they make them better i don't mind copying stuff because that's what makes their games special . The division looks gorgeous , but i'm giving this game a chance. It may turn out good. Co-op makes games fun as hell.

Sevir1667d ago

He's calling it a Halo clone even because Bungie is marketing this game heavily on PS4.

Even though They created Halo. Lol

randomass1711667d ago

"Halo clone"? Let me guess, you say that because the suits look like Master Chief and it's made by Bungie? You know that this is an adventure coop game, right? Not a linear shooter.