Xbox Deals With Gold - 29th April-6th May

The Xbox Deal of the Week has a new name...Deals With Gold, and this week there's a number of decent discounts available to all Xbox Live Gold members.

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PridedLlama1689d ago

I love buying digitally, but for me the older games need to be cheaper than places like CEX for me to pick them up.

The force unleashed for example you can get for about £7. The lego games are a bit of a better deal, but if you've played one lego game you've played them all.

I'm guessing its star wars/lucas related because its star wars day on the 4th

Dumb_username1689d ago

Nice deals there might get force unleashed.

Mr Pumblechook1689d ago

Good news is E.T. will be the next free title on Games with Gold. What's make's it better than PlayStation Plus is you actually get to keep the game.

Dannyh1689d ago

That was pretty funny

1689d ago
BattleTorn1689d ago

I can't help but think if the deals were so good, they'd post the prices, not just percentages.

Rivitur1689d ago

Pretty meh deals though mosquito week is interesting.

SilentNegotiator1688d ago

So literally just discounts and a free avatar item. Way to go all out, Microsoft. /s

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