Is it worth upgrading to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Taking a look at this years game release schedule, there's a huge dearth of exclusives games heading toward the Xbox One and PS4. For those yet to upgrade to the newer consoles, that lack of exclusives should be an important point of consideration before they make a final decision.

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HanCilliers1661d ago

Good read and I agree, until we see more next-gen exclusives I don't think it's worth buying a PS4 or Xbox One

TimeSkipLuffy1661d ago

I am still playing PS3 most of the time but I don't regret buying the PS4 at launch (only bought it because of the free game included during gamescom). From time to time I switch to my PS4 when I were able to grab some great deals or to tryout some rental PS+ games. At least I get a rental game each month to play for my §30 subscription :D (Thanks Black Friday)

HoldenZA1661d ago

I'm extremely torn between the two, when Xbox One lands in SA, that will be the time I need to make a decision on where to go.

lord zaid1661d ago

If you're a competitive gamer, chance are good that it will be Xbox One.

Even if PS4 maintains its sales lead, I feel like Xbox One will still be the "pro gamers" console. Activision and MS still have the deal regarding DLC coming to Xbox first and the recent competitive events still used the Xbox has the platform of choice.

Ultr1661d ago

The ones sponsored by ms. True
But DLC is also coming to ps in a lot of games. WD, Destiny, acreed had. So no advantage on that side

No_Limit1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I upgraded both but I just don't think it is worth it yet at this moment as both still doesn't have enough games to warrant your purchase unless you are a diehard gamer that just need to have everything like myself.

mayberry1661d ago

With Destiny right around the corner and watch dogs too, I am confident anyone who gets a new console will have plenty of games to occupy their time. Plus, I need some fresh gamers on Killzone SF online. The teams I play against are getting very good at strategy. I have been in some epic battles that are pretty tough...

lord zaid1661d ago

The Point isnt whether Xbone/PS4 owners will have something to play; the point is that there isn't a reason for anyone to upgrade to them.

But both Destiny and Watch_Dogs are available on Xbox 360 and PS3. You don't need a new console to play them. So why bother upgrading? It gains you nothing.

Kurisu1661d ago

I agreed with you.

However, I have a PS3. I do not yet have a PS4. Where Watch Dogs is concerned I will not be buying it for PS3. I'd rather wait until I get a PS4 as liklihood is the game will run much smoother on the upgraded hardware, and by the time I get a PS4 (around Christmas time) the game will be cheaper.

Nocando1661d ago

I agree with you, until the flagship titles begin to come out there isn't much of a compelling reason to get either. Best time to purchase is when there is somewhat of a backlog and at least a $50 price drop.

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The story is too old to be commented.