IGN Review: Child of Light - Shining Brightly

Every aspect of Child of Light has an unmistakably artisinal, organic feel to it.
None of it feels focus-tested, or designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience; rather, it always comes off as exactly the expression its creators intended. The artwork on display is stunning, and the combat is constantly engaging, and the characters openly defy genre convention.
But perhaps the best thing I can say about Child of Light is that I was often unsure as to whether I was headed in the direction I was supposed to, and I never once cared.
I just wanted to fly to every corner of the world, take it in, and smile.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I'll definitely be getting this game. I was going to get Daylight also but from what I've seen and the reviews the game is not that great at all.

Magicite1361d ago

Classic RPG is rarity nowadays, this game is a gem.

JackOfAllBlades1361d ago

Yes! I really want this game!! It'll be something good to play from some of the cheap tricks, and occasionally infuriating moments in Dark Souls II

randomass1711361d ago

Looks so gorgeous and fun to play. Funny how both titles have light in their names but only one of them is being well received.

seporith1361d ago

No platinum trophy, thats a little dissapointing.

F4sterTh4nFTL1361d ago

Ubisoft Montreal made this.

ic3fir31361d ago

its digital game, but not indie, its from ubisoft

Tidybrutes1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

That is a shame, there are other downloadable games that have platinums so its not fair really.

Especially given there is a collectors editon you can buy in shops (which is the version ive pre-ordered as at £16 with a art book, poster, keyring etc is a bargain)

randomass1711361d ago

Ubisoft might update with Platinum support later. Hopefully fan feedback will convince them to do so like with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's online multiplayer.

Kurisu1361d ago

What time does the UK PS Store (PS3) update tomorrow? I need to buy this as soon as it's available!

waltyftm1361d ago

It normally updates between 4 to 5 pm for me(north east), try the web store, its always quicker with the updates imo.

Kurisu1361d ago

Alright cheers for that :)

McScroggz1361d ago

I'm in the US, and it normally doesn't update for at least 6 more hours (sometimes longer). Despite that, about an hour ago I purchased the game off the webstore and I've downloaded and installed the game. So you might be able to get it now through the webstore.

lashes2ashes1361d ago

It was a midnight release in the us. All games in the store that you can pre order are up on the store before the store update goes live later that day.

Sokol1361d ago

Already downloaded, once I get home from work look forward to spending some evening time with the game.

All great reviews from different critics. Glad to see it, we need more games of this caliber.

blakstarz1361d ago

Ubisoft has been on a role lately with new IP's...gotta hand it to them...keep it up!

randomass1711361d ago

Certainly makes up for all of the Assassin's Creed games lately.

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