A High-Level Approach To Sequels: What Creates Success?

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author takes a look at the sales figures of various games and tries to determine what factors of a game are responsible for its financial successes.

Quote: "In an attempt to understand how sequels work in the marketplace, I compiled a list of games with their follow-ups. The list includes sales across all the (major) platforms, followed by a total. My finding is quite basic, and it boils down to: platform exclusivity is great, however popularity is also very important."

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Farsendor11666d ago

i know people say that the psn hack didnt effect ps3, but it did. i sold my ps3 when the network was down, mind you i wasnt too happy with it for a little bit with pc gaming outpacing consoles dramatically and i wanted something new.

if i didnt sell the ps3 i would have picked up uncharted 3 new and i know a few others that would have done the same.