Xbox One Version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suddenly Available to Download

Hardcore Gamer: Without warning, the game has popped up on Xbox Live and is now available to buy and download

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ValKilmer1687d ago

What the heck? I thought this game didn't exist.

Massacred1687d ago

Well . . . that was a short lived controversy.

NewMonday1687d ago

could be to stop negativity that would result from another tech showdown between PS4/XB1 before the game launch. Actvision may use this tactic again if it works.

creatchee1687d ago

Do you actually believe that or are you trolling? Because neither would surprise me.

NewMonday1687d ago

notice the term "could be"

that's is called speculation

Farsendor11686d ago

this is odd, not sure what happened with this game. surely some things will be explained.

corvusmd1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

What the really is there

I really had no plans to play it at all, but honestly I'm debating picking it up.

ValKilmer1687d ago

Buy it and test it out!

UnbiasedOpinions1687d ago

lol so someone made a huge list of games coming on PS4 and X1 and yet the same games are coming that that "list" said wouldn't, funny world don't ya say? lol

Farsendor11687d ago

its not about any type of list, the game was removed from all major retailers for a short period of time and a bunch of news articles came out on it.

then it started re appearing with the release date set in july.

just a bit odd that this has happened, but good for x1 gamers.

dantesparda1687d ago

What are you talking about? People geniunely thought the game wasnt going to come out on X1, so why would they include it on the list? You act as if there are more games like this on the "list". Fact is, the PS4 has more games, period. You dont need to take them out to make it look that way.

Death1687d ago

The PS4 does indeed have more "games". The issue most people have though is they are not necessarily PS4 games, there are many, many games that are simply shovelware and make no use of the systems capabilities. It's a quantity vs quality issue. The worlds most powerful home console is plagued with games that will run on most peoples moms smart phone. The Wii never counted as a next gen game machine. Why do these games count as games for a next gen console?

theRell1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Videos up from 2 weeks ago of the game too lol

Makes me wonder about that Sony stopping the release theory again...

AaronPS1687d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony has better things to do than try and stop the release of a game that will probably be mediocre on just one of the competitions platforms.

stuna11687d ago

Exactly! Spiderman 2 would be the perfect candidate for something like that! Afterall it is the only next gen title showing the true potential of what the next gen is all about!?/s

Did I really need to show I was being sarcastic?

ValKilmer1687d ago

Yeah I was more concerned with the fact that they might have put it on the back burner, ala every third party Wii U game.

Mr Pumblechook1687d ago

UNCONFIRMED rumour is that the game was running in less than 1080p on Xbone and Microsoft blocked released because they see such stories as damaging. However they paid for developers to help optimise code to 1080p then gave it the green light.

Sp1tfireXM1687d ago

which would further prove most xbox one games not reaching 1080p is in fact the fault of lazy developers and publishers rushing release dates. I own both consoles and there's no question ps4 has the better hardware. Still, anyone who actually believes the xbox one is not capable of running every game released thus far at 1080p/60fps are lacking knowledge of the hardware. Now, the division, expect that to have a good excuse for a lower resolution...

Dannyh1687d ago

That rumor seems false since the developer said 3 days before the game got delayed for Xbox one that both ps4 and Xbox one version ran at 1080p and 30fps

calis1687d ago

Wouldn't Sony make money on Spider-man regardless of the console since they have the rights?

Or is that movie only?

mhunterjr1687d ago

Sony has no rights to Spider-Man video games.

Volkama1687d ago

It is clearly the result of some bigwigs getting shirty, but I doubt it's Sony behind it. The game would be platform exclusive if that's how Sony wanted to play the license.

No, this sounds more like a hold-up between MS and Activision to me. I'm not sure the MS-Activision relationship is that strong these days. I really don't like Activision, but they hold some huge influence in the industry so MS will probably need to throw some more money at their faces sooner rather than later.

Death1687d ago

Spiderman is owned by Disney, not Sony. Sony has the rights to make Spiderman films only.

Activision owns the rights to make Spiderman games through 2017. http://investor.activision....

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Rivitur1687d ago

That's odd

Sorta off topic but maybe there is hope for one day just seeing half life 3 up for purchase out of the blue.

cyguration1687d ago

I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see it pop up on the Steam Store, exclusively for SteamOS.

I know they said they weren't making exclusives, but HL3 + SteamOS + Steam Machines = instant take my money memes.

Max-Zorin1687d ago

Pikachu will evolve by the time we'll ever see Half Life 3.

Clown_Syndr0me1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

So it came out before the PS4 version? Quite funny.
Some people have it on PS4 already saw some streams on it, doesn't look very good to be honest.
Ill try it though as I loved the older games but found the moVie based games were better.

extermin8or1687d ago

No.... it came out at same time despite the publisher-activision saying it wouldn't...

Clown_Syndr0me1687d ago

Oh is this US? The ggame isn't out until Friday in UK. I forget US is Tuesday, my bad!

Neonridr1687d ago

@Clown - well USUALLY it's Tuesdays here in North America, but publishers can really choose whatever day they want. Nintendo lately have been choosing Fridays to release their games for some reason.

extermin8or1687d ago

Yeah its usa altjpugh I just got an email about stock delay in the uk till mid next week :/

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