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"It took me three hours to finish Daylight’s randomly generated maze of horror. While two of those hours managed to be somewhat spooky, one was pure frustration, spent wandering aimlessly through hallways in first-person perspective, looking for a collectible item I’d missed. In that time, the well-constructed atmosphere and story drained away and revealed Daylight’s true frame: a formulaic find-the-hidden-object game padded out with some meaningless crate puzzles."

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Kingthrash3601691d ago

daylight gettin hammered something fierce.

KyRo1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Shame. I was looking forward to this but at least the Outlast DLC is comin out in the next few weeks to tie me over until The Evil Within lands.

Baccra171691d ago

TEW not exactly looking scary either.

finito821691d ago

ouch that hurt daylight

randomass1711690d ago

Guess it's more like nightlight now.

Gore-Content1691d ago

Looks like some like it, and some don't.

I think I'll be spending my PSN money on SteamWorld Dig instead.

ZodTheRipper1691d ago

Mine is on Child of Light, great alternatives these days.

Gore-Content1690d ago

I'll be getting that game, too!

iNFAMOUZ11691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Ign and like other reviewers, arent scared easily obviously, they have the work mentality to just play it fast and review it, that kills immersion instantly, but us we will get scared.

TedCruzsTaint1691d ago

I reviewed it. I didn't rush through it. Then again, how do you rush through a game that takes about an hour to beat?
It's just not scary. Some will still be scared by it, obviously. But I don't see how most will. Other than that, it's little more than a somewhat fleshed-out Slender clone with generic, randomized levels - ones that only serve to require the story, as weak as it is, to be told exclusively in the way notes and disembodied voices. It feels lazy.
Hell, even enemies pose no threat, even if you don't fend them off. Once you realize you can pretty much just ignore and run past the ghouls, the game then loses any semblance of horror it may have still had at that point. At the end you are only left with a cheap jump scare or two. Not horror.

randomass1711690d ago

Yeesh, the enemies don't pose a threat? Why the heck did they design it that way? :/

TedCruzsTaint1690d ago

I don't think it was entirely on purpose. Throughout the majority of the game I just used the flares to scare them away. There was a point where I ran out, however, and had to resort to avoiding them. It was then I realized how easy that was to do. If you don't look at them, they can barely do any damage. You just, honestly, avoid them. You'll then be fine.

GearSkiN1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

if you play the game ull see that it can kill u and no, even running doesnt really save u on this game coz its still get u from back, front, side to side.

floetry1011691d ago

To everyone that thought this would be better than The Evil Within,

I laugh heartily.

WeAreLegion1691d ago

To everyone who owns The Evil Within already,

I'm jealous.

randomass1711690d ago

Glad to see people are still excited for it. :) And yes, I'd be jealous of those folks as well lol.

ZodTheRipper1691d ago

I always thought it will be a 7/10 at best. Evil Within won't be much better though, maybe an 8/10.

ZodTheRipper1691d ago

I dunno, it's a combination of trailers & gameplay released so far and the marketing in general. Usually, you can get a good feel of the confidence publisher&devs have in a title. With Evil Within this confidence isn't really present so I think that it will be a solid but not outstanding game. Same goes for Murdered: Soul Suspect for example.

randomass1711690d ago

@gantarat Positive first impression? You can think a game looks good without having played it just yet. To have an educated opinion of the game of course you need to actually play it.

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