Daylight review: jump scare tactics | Polygon

"Daylight is about as single-faceted a game as they come, focusing all of its creative energies towards a solitary goal: It is a vehicle for jump scares.

It's certainly a worthwhile objective. Horror games' most memorable moments are typically those yelp-inducing, unexpected shocks — the dogs jumping through the windows in Resident Evil, the bathtub corpse in Eternal Darkness and so on. Jump scares are incomparably exciting, and I've always wondered why developers don't apply them to their games in more liberal measures.

Daylight is the diametric opposite of those horror classics; its every mechanic is built upon executing a relentless procession of startling moments. Unfortunately, Daylight is a game that succeeds in the jump scares department, and fails at basically everything else."

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TedCruzsTaint1687d ago

Same score we gave it at Duuro. There's better horror games out there for the price.

MasterCornholio1687d ago

Outlast is much better than this in my opinion.

TedCruzsTaint1687d ago

Outlast is fantastic.