Survey: 90% of Chinese college kids play mobile games in class

According to a recent Netease Games survey, China’s youth are apparently wasting their higher education playing Angry Birds.

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cl19831691d ago

Wow, what a great use off that tuition money.

Sly-Lupin1691d ago

In the US, dicking around on Facebook seems to be the most common way for kids to waste their parents money.

My most vivid memory of college is walking into one of those big auditorium classes with ~200 students, and just seeing a sea of facebook pages.

cl19831691d ago

It's nice to see the irresponsibility of actually learning is prevelent internationally

WeAreLegion1691d ago

I imagine college is a bit different there. Most schools here in the US are cool with you only showing up when you have to turn in homework and take finals. (My school wasn't, but still.)

Summons751691d ago

The only time I've seen schools not care about attendance only on TV. Most schools actually reduce your grade because you don't show up or participate in class.

What's funny about this article is they are playing games in class and still getting better scores than the US schools.

WeAreLegion1691d ago

Haha. Bubble for funny on that last part. Still, I've seen a few schools where attendance wasn't mandatory. Community colleges tend to treat you like high school students, unfortunately. I can't speak for the rest of the US. Just the colleges I've gone to and been around.

Zichu1691d ago

College in the UK was crap. I took a BTEC National Extended Diploma in IT. The sounds of the course was great, quite a mixture of modules. First month was good, but then it all turned to coursework. Most of the time the lecturers hardly spoke in class, they just told us to continue with our coursework. We could have just stayed at home to do it.

It was boring and made me miserable because I wasn't learning anything new at all. I left after a few months. Most of it was business studies, extra credits and employement skills. They said they wanted to get all of the boring stuff out of the way, yet whose to say that the rest of the course didn't just end up being one month of practical and learning then 3 or 4 months of quietness and coursework...

I decided to learn programming at home, algebra, etc. I'm currently working on clone of games, have several ideas for games, one of which I am working on the GDD for. I'm enjoying studying at home even more.

tamarkovia11691d ago

Maybe the Chinese will dumb it down and we will have our debt forgiven in half a century

Parhelion691691d ago

That's a cute chick on the thumbnail :)

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