PS4 and Wii U Post-Launch: Both Consoles Experience Highs and Lows With One Key Difference

GGG writes about the similarities between the PS4 and Wii U's first six months on the market and the one thing that stops the PS4 from having a terrible post-launch game drought like the Wii U had in early 2013.

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stuna11694d ago

Ones still selling extremely well, while the other sales fell of a cliff almost immediately after the initial launch hype died.

marloc_x1694d ago

Was in my local Costco today and a Knack bundle with an extra controller is $540. Formal price drop? Not anytime soon I would say, and WiiU is in a very good position this year..

Sly-Lupin1694d ago

The PS4 isn't having a terrible post-launch game drought? News to me. Last time I turned on my PS4, the only games it had worth playing were a few ports and Resogun.

Not that I've turned on my WiiU much more frequently, but I've certainly found more games to buy for it.

danncampello1694d ago

Its all about how popular it is. the ps4 imo is going to maintain its best seller position forever ahha

coltlokk1694d ago

At first the article is like like both didn't have games at launch except for the few that weren't pushed back...but then the article goes on to say that actually the PS4 did have games so that's the difference! :/

Though the point about some exclusives being pushed back is pretty valid. I don't agree that the PS4 is worth buying for just indie titles though. PS4 is worth it for the exclusives, both first and third party ones! (Same with Wii U minus 3rd party)