Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward To Patch Bizon Sub-Machine Gun in Future Patch

MP1st - In response to overwhelming feedback, Infinity Ward will be altering the statistics of the Bizon sub-machine gun in a future Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer update.

The studio made the short announcement today.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Maybe you should patch all the weapons. Every gun is literally a instant kill. It's who ever pulls the trigger first not who has better aim and accuracy. Ghost is just flat out shit. I can't wait to see the new CoD 2014 which I hope is much better than Ghost multiplayer.

Matt6661362d ago

Well said and while there at it they should also sort out the following;
Very poor hit detection,
over the top aim-assist,
quick scoping,
the knife being the most powerful weapon on the game,
small boring maps,
6V6 game modes,
no tanks, (they where in WAW so why not anymore),
stupid perks like commando, unlimited sprint etc,
80% of the weapons would of been in previous COD's (time for some new weapons or least more variety),
Still not being able to see your body or legs when looking down (you could see your legs in the first Halo)
But they won't because loads of people will continue supporting the series by buying the game and the COD creators will keep making the same game because people will continue to buy it so they won't change or fix it.

SharnOfTheDEAD1361d ago

Yeah I agree, I get annoyed that I can't see my legs, all that customization and I can't even look at my fancy military boots! It's time for change dammit!

lnfiniteLoop1362d ago

they really need to sort out the basic problem with COD games, here the list…

Lag, Hacking, Cheats, Boosting, Quick Scoping, No-Scoping…

just look at the leader board and ban all those accounts from playing online that have hacked the game…

Stapleface1361d ago

Can't play COD Ghosts on my ps4 with any of my sub accounts. I get an "Out of Memory 12" message after pressing the options button at the title screen. Works fine on my main account. It just sucks that currently if anyone in my house wants to play COD, they have to use my account, which takes away co-op play all together. I have 708Mb of free space on my ps4, so I'm far from out of memory. Every other game works fine. Anyone else with this issue?

Farsendor11361d ago

say whatever you want about cod it gets supported by the developers and activision.