The Trial of Final Fantasy XIV (PS4) - Day 4: An Arcanist is Born

It's day four of our 30 day trial of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PS4, wherein we ultimately decide whether a subscription to this game is worth your hard earned cash. Today, we're introduced to Donner Kohl, an aspiring Arcanist lagging behind his more powerful friends.

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NatureOfLogic_1691d ago

Being Arcanist in FFXIV is a chore. I found out the hard way.

joab7771691d ago

It is so much fun though. U can tackle content well beyond ur level. And for me, I love setting up dots and controlling lets. The dps potential is amazing. And if u want to b a healer, theres always scholar.

Blackcanary1691d ago

Arcanist sucks. And it gets worst once you unlock the Summoner Job i'm level 50 summoner and fact that summoner is a crapy rip off of a warlock from WOW is just bad. And the egi summons look like candy.

joab7771691d ago

I am quite impressed w/ FF14. Also coming off DCUO, which I really enjoyed, I find ARR to be a much richer mmo experience on the console. I am also an arcanist and a summoner and I love the job. With all the talk about ESO, FF is an amazing mmo for a series known mostly for its single player titles.

One of things that worried me at first is the text only, but it takes nothing away from the game. To be honest, how many of us arent listening to music or a podcast while we play an mmo anyway. Also, there is no dedicated voice chat. This isnt an issue with ps4 as party chat exists. Also, playing with PC users allows u to use their tools for chat like raidcall or teamspeak.

Final Fantasy 14 truely is an amzing single player/mmo hybrid. You can play for hundreds of hours tackling a seemingly endless amount of solo content. But why wouldnt u want to take part in one of today's best mmo's. The dungeons are intuitive and rely on teamwork to complete. So far I am loving this game and will gladly pay $15/month to play.

bryam19821691d ago

Sssshhhh don't say that can't you see xbots said ps4 doesn't have games lol i love this game too let then have their titanfall/fps games sony variety in games not like xbone whit their.fps games

levian1691d ago

No voice chat is kind of an issue. Most of the better FC's (or even random groups) won't take anybody who isn't in Vent/Teamspeak for the fights. You could always use your PC or phone for that but it's still hurting console players.

Unless you manage to get a full group of PS4 players that is

Jubez1871690d ago

Ehh, voice chat brings very little for a lot of dev time. Honestly, if I joined a party and there was in-game voice chat, I'd probably just mute everyone. No one wants to hear any, especially anyone's rage. If you wanna do an all PS4 party that's fine, but it's not very hard to set a laptop up and use a program on your PC as well.

Also, you can mark targets, mark the ground, and put sound effects and chat messages on your skills with macros (ie. Used Provoke on *insert boss* Initiating Tank Swap) that make sure everyone's on the same page.

levian1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I know, it's totally doable without voice chat, but there's a lot of people who refuse to bring someone without voice chat. I usually played on the PC, but I'm considering buying the PS4 version because my PC can't play it on max settings, and the PS4 is essentially that. It's be nice to use one system for everything if I could.

I'm not really a fan of voice chat either, I only ever use it when I join a group who is trying to down some of the tougher content, and it does make things a hell of a lot easier when someone can explain a fight as it's happening over a mic.

Watching a video in advance helps, but actually doing it with instruction on the fly is invaluable. That being said, I usually try all the content blind the first few times.

A simple solution would be is Teamspeak or Vent could make an app for the PS4, if it can run multiple things at once, I'm not sure.

danncampello1691d ago

Yea, voice chat is something very important for games like that