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Submitted by Daver 2818d ago | news

God of War PSP bundle is finally coming next week!

We heard from that bundle on the playstation blog a few months ago, but now according to, it is gonna be out next week, June 3rd!

The bundle contains:

Limited-Edition "Deep Red" PSP with Kratos silkscreened on the back
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Superbad on UMD video
Voucher to download Syphon Filter: Combat Ops from PLAYSTATION Store for free

All this for 199.99 USD!

Just wanted to remind it to people. Enjoy! (PSP)

name  +   2818d ago
I. Need. This.
livespawn  +   2818d ago
was never compelled to get a psp....but now that its red...idk
Jinxstar  +   2818d ago
Well it's a great... Really great game. Ratchet Demo was ok but honestly it depends on what you like in a system. If you like Turn Based games. Jeanne De Arc is good and other Tactics games... Also if you travel the UMD movies aren't bad but really... I dunno. You kinda got to really want a few games. Silent hill(if your a fan) FF Crisis Core(Again if your a fan) but yeah... Also you can put like Castlevania SOTN from the PSN onto it. Makes it worth your buck if your into it. Don't feed in to the adds though... Online with the PSP... I will never use it for gaming but they have kinda like a Sat radio Program. all kinds of stations of random good music.... however I don't use it as a music player... All depends on you bro.
meepmoopmeep  +   2818d ago
i will be trading in my daxter silver for this
livespawn  +   2818d ago
a friend of mine has a psp and have played it a few times. i generally like it but feel that i probably wont play it much and i gotta save some cash for a ps3 for MGS4 =)
Daver  +   2818d ago
you are right, well thats what happened with me...
I bought one few months ago even if i dont like portable system much
But i have to say It is an amazing entertaining system tho you can do everything, i'm not playing much (only big titles) with it but there is so much more you can do with it

But if you want to play games and be sure you will indeed play games keep your money for your ps3 and mgs4 :)
Btw its out in 2 weeks!!!
Jinxstar  +   2818d ago
Ah K well at least you have a good idea. I am always skeptical about buying something that has been out as long as the PSP myself but I am a huge GOW fan so it was way worth it to me just for that game.
Nitrowolf2  +   2818d ago
a good reason for me to buy a new PSP now
BigPete7978  +   2818d ago
Should I pick it up?
Well I have a launch PSP Fat. I love it. It's a solid piece of equipment, and it has CFW so I can play other things on it. (I don't DL ISO's, I'd much rather support the developer and just purchase the UMD). But the question is should I pick this bad boy up? It looks REALLY good. But the slim doesn't really offer anything that my Fat can do does it? Except maybe the TV Out.
Lord_Ash  +   2818d ago
I also have the fat one and I noticed 3 things in my friend's slim PSP:
1- In big game like Final Fantasy Crisis Core the loading in the slim is much faster.

2- The screen is much better, the brightness and the refresh rate make a difference.

3- The weight is unbelievable, my hands hurt after playing more than an hour on the fat version but I didn’t feel that when I was playing with the slim, I sometimes forget about it when I have it in my pocket or handbag.

Anyway, I want one because these things are important to me but if you don’t care about any of the above then maybe you should stay with the fat PSP.
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Bolts  +   2818d ago
I want the bundle, hate the color.
The red is just too loud for a portal gaming device. I like to be discreet when I'm gaming on the go. Plus the ink of Kratos is too cheesy.
dragunrising  +   2818d ago
Lip stick bloody?
I think I will have to see the new color in person. Otherwise, it remains to be seen if my manhood could rationalize a crimson psp in my hands. Besides, I already own one in silver...If I only waited longer....
GodsHand  +   2817d ago
I have the silver, but I spilled some water on it, and now the circle button does not work. Everything else works fine.

I already pre-ordered this bundle guess I have a back up battery. I like the red color. sure beats pink.
eyeDEVOUR  +   2818d ago
its allready came out(at my gamestop) at least...
pilotpistolpete  +   2818d ago
Sweet. A must buy for me.
Lord_Ash  +   2818d ago
I want this so bad but I want to compare it to the blue one that’s coming out in August (even though I hate the bundle) cause I’m afraid I’ll get sick of the Red color (even though it looks damn hot).

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