Unreal Engine 4 - Elemental Tech Demo Now Available For Download, 8K Screenshots Look Great

So, the Elemental Tech Demo is around 1GB in size and can be download from the following link. We strongly suggest downloading the latest version of Visual C++ before running it, otherwise you may encounter a number of compatibility issues and crashes.

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rodiabloalmeida1689d ago

WHAAAAAT?! Downloading NOW!!! YES!

rodiabloalmeida1689d ago

Just want to add that there are a lot of demos in the link inside the article besides the one to the Elemental demo. It's focking amazing! My PC can handle UE4. I'm so happy right now. Go guys. Try it out. It worths your time. :D

john21689d ago

The Infiltrator Tech Demo will also be available for download when the 4.2 version of Unreal Engine 4 gets out ;)


At john2. NO, The Infiltrator demo will be available to download yes, but not with 4.2 withing few days. The devs told me it will be available but they don't know with which upcoming version (they were even having fun saying it will be available maybe with build 4.10 lol).

starchild1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Yeah, my GTX 770 handled this demo extremely well. And games generally are much better optimized than benchmarks and tech demos. Now I'm looking forward to some real UE4 games.

DoomeDx1688d ago

My attempt on a rather old card (EVGA Geforce GTX570). Im pretty suprised by the outcome actually!

Allsystemgamer1688d ago

What's nice is that you're averaging 45-50 and the games are always more optimized than tech demos! When I'm off work I gotta see how my 680m 4gb handles his baby

hollabox1688d ago

Ran pretty smooth on my I7 970 CPU with AMD R9 290 OC Edition GC. Not as sharp as I hoped, the lightening seem different as well when compared to last year demos. The 2nd set of demos in the Cave, and FPS game also ran smooth, but I think Cry Engine 3 is still cream of the crop regarding visuals in PC video games. Infamous 2nd Son on the PS4 is probably the most impressive engine I've seen when you consider the size/scope of Infamous.

randomass1711688d ago

Based on those screens alone I can tell that this could never run on my laptop. Yeesh, the quality...

ninjahunter1688d ago

Im not sure if I should download it just to see if I can run this at 3, or 4 fps.