Bungie's Destiny Gets the First Real Glimpse on Character Customization

One of the many elements that was never seen of Bungie’s upcoming shooter Destiny is its character creation and customization, but today a very quick glimpse on it was shown. It was so quick that most missed it.

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CrimsonAzure1664d ago

It's always great to have extensive character customization in these games. Hairstyle DLC packs confirmed. I mean, this IS Activision here.

Ghost_Nappa1664d ago

If it doesn't affect your own experience negatively, who cares.

The 10th Rider1664d ago

I'm not necessarily saying this game will have crappy DLC. But If you care about the gaming industry you should care about things like that. When a studio continually releases overpriced or crappy DLC yet people buy it it is bad for the industry.

Now what makes some DLC worthwhile and some not would be a whole 'nother discussion.

randomass1711664d ago

10th Rider is right. Some companies will do whatever they think they can get away with to rip off their consumers. So you need to keep an eye on those shady offers and refuse them if you feel they are not worth it. It sends a message that consumers will not tolerate foolery like that.

medman1664d ago

I demand a customized merkin for my character. Nothing less will do.

3-4-51663d ago

I'm going to spend like 1-2 hours creating my character.

I love creative options within games.

Nero13141664d ago

I was gonna go with the robot .

SITH1663d ago

Yeah I may be an Exo also.

ToxicSushi1664d ago

What's with the sudden flood of Destiny info?

ExPresident1664d ago

Bungie invited bunch of reporters or what have you out for new play throughs and the embargo ended today at like 1:00 PM EST or something so that is why you are seeing so much stuff.

Its probably also related to a BETA announcement in the near future, so this is a good way to generate more interest. Thats speculation on my part tho.

ToxicSushi1664d ago

Thanks for the helpful info!

randomass1711664d ago

@ExPresident Bubble up for the helpful info! :D

TheRatedD1664d ago

Destiny will get all the high scores people expected (but didn't get) from Titanfall.

randomass1711664d ago

@TheRatedD What on earth was that supposed to mean? I am truly befuddled. That being said, I'm anticipating a hefty score on Metacritic for Destiny, minus the one inevitable 7.5 like we've had for the last eight or so big releases.

urwifeminder1664d ago

Will just use stock characters cant be bothered with all this custom crap just let me shoot.

randomass1711664d ago

Why not personalize it? The whole concept of Destiny revolves around a large group of individuals fighting together. All different people of different backgrounds and skills.

Volkama1664d ago

Different people play in different ways. Some people make a character, give them a name and such. Other people just want to shoot stuff. Some people read (or listen to) quest text, others next next next kill stuff.

Nothing wrong with either approach.

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The story is too old to be commented.