Exclusive Interview | Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli

The Game Fanatics: We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Monacelli, Naughty Dog vet of more than two years. We talked Jak and Daxter, The Last of Us, 30th Anniversary ideas and more.

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Dustinf111360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Not a single question about the departures..?

I dont believe there is any major issue going on there. Its common for people to leave after a project wraps. Especially if they pooled their recources for uncharted ps4. But it would have been a good question seeing how gaming news has turned into gossip E entertainment BS latley.

This is what happens when theres a game drought, a bunch of idle people with a passion they cant quell and nothing better to do than refresh the news page 30 times a day. Me included.

(I know it said this was before the most recent departures, im referring to the others)

JamesWMarsh1359d ago


Author and interview here.

There were no questions about the departures for a few reasons, the main one being that this was conducted via email making questions like that pointless as either I wouldn't have received an answer or it would've been the same as their statement on the matter. Secondly the main purposes of this interview was more general and more about Naughty Dog as a developer and it's culture which, even if you're not, many people are interested in.

Feedback is appreciated though. Thanks!

nucky641359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

it says above that they "talk jak and daxter"....they didn't talk about any specifics concerning that property at all. no mention of UC4 either - pretty lame article.

JamesWMarsh1359d ago

Hmm fair point about Jak and Daxter. I think I got slightly confused between what was said and mental links I'd made. I'll change it when I have chance (probably tomorrow).

nucky641359d ago

thanks for the reply. yea...when i read there was talk on j&d, i was real excited to read any news on possible new jak and daxter game.

medman1359d ago

Any news out of Naughty Dog is worth reading.

Farsendor11357d ago

what the ND guy is saying is that they wanted to get used to the ps4 so they used Last of us as a stepping stone.

hoping they learned some crucial information for their new games announced and unannounced