For Discussion: The Truth About Xbox One Sales

GOS: "Brooke Rothschild tackles the recent Xbox One shipped numbers released by Microsoft, and why they are being quiet about the units they sold directly to gamers."

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TheLyonKing1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

We all know XB1 sales are reported as shipped but the sad thing is the so called "professional gaming journalists" report this as sold to consumer rather than sold to retailer and then hail MS for actually thinking they are closer to sony than they actually are. This is in due part to poor research on their part and the way MS spins their news.

That in no means is to say the XB1 is doing bad I mean in all the convoluted facts they have given out it does seem the xb1 is out pacing sales of the xbox 360 so that is good news, but clearly they are ashamed of being behind Sony and do not want to give actual number out.

In light of talking about games I feel both consoles will sell good, I mean Titanfall did great but on the flipside Infamous did great too theres not much to see trend wise yet for actual exclusive sales on each system.

Kingthrash3601695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

for thos who see through the deception ms pulls with sales, the cloud, and hype, i drives us further away from trusting anything they say until its in our hands and we see with our own eyes.
the cloud hype they consistently pitch is an eyeroll now. when you look at it, that cloud demo was on a "high powered pc" and it was a non detailed plain building they blew up at 30fps. 1 think that all thats capable so far hows that gunna work on a underpowered x1 with millions of gamers doing this in a real game with details and other processes going at the same time? how long until the cloud launches?
it baffles me how they hype dx12, a software made mainly for the pc but can be used on x1...and is almost 2 years away?
these promises are heavy large and far away...and the more they talk the more it seems like its just bs.
seems everything they say about the future is a ways off.
as a gamer i hope they come out with something significant that will wow gamers. but all they've done is over hype updates...the cloud is an is dx12.
them hiding thos sales numbers is just a way to deceive the ignorant into thinking ms is selling x1's.
"x1 sold fastest this week"
"more people are playing xbox brand"(<-- including x360 players)
"x1 is the most powerful system"
"720p is the same as 1080p"
"xbox1 wont function without drm"
"xbox1 wont function without kinect"
"xbox1 SHIPPED X amount of consoles"
"the could will make x1 10x more powerful"
"the cloud will make x1 4x more powerful"
"the cloud will make x1 3x more powerful"
these and many more are what they have said and all are deception lines...

x1 is a great console...and its ok to be second. but the idiots behind the console making these decisions to deceive customers are failing the console.

truefan11695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Let this sink in for a second Xbox has over 50 million XBL subscriptions at an average of $45 per 12 months, let's multiply that by 5 years to have a soft estimation. That is 11.25 Billion dollars that Sony didn't make with ps3. I hope you don't believe sony started charging to improve their psn service, they just saw the money MSFT was making. Also 360 sold approximately 90 million more games than ps3 and most were 1st party. Let's assume MSFT made $11 per game, that's about another 1 BILLION more than Sony. This doesn't even include the fastest selling peripheral, kinect. I say all that to say if XBOX is doing bad what does that say about sony.

As for the XB1 they are a actually making a profit per console until the official price cut is announced. Also XB1 is creating great synergies between all of their hardware division, because with their current direction it makes me want to get a windows phone and surface to work with XB1. If there is one thing MSFT does well, that is run a successful business.

Dudebro901695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

You people do realize Sony was the king of spewing nonsense when it came to last generation.

They claimed so many things the ps3 could do.

And they constantly would talk about consoles shipped when it came to npds.

So stop thinking Sony is some god who's never wrong.

For those of you disagreeing:

PlayStation 3 will have two HDMI outputs, standard Wi-Fi, and support for 7 controllers. —

The possibility of creating a GMS, a global map system, users will be invited to upload their data. Users will start with all the pieces of information in their living room, their favorite restaurant, their school…. This is not just a pipe dream. You can enjoy the data in real time. You can fly through the landscape in real time.”

PS3 can run games at 120 frames per second, stream six channels of HD, and decode one thousand media thumbnails simultaneously.

Vibration in the Sixaxis would screw up the motion sensor

PS3 can do 4D.

Here you go Gary:

AGaryColemanClone1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

"And they constantly would talk about consoles shipped when it came to npds."


Both Nintendo and Sony back in 2006 made public statements making it clear that they only report actual 'sold to customer numbers'.

Microsoft is the only company that plays the stupid game of lying about 'shipped to retailer' numbers as being 'sales'.

The stupid Microsoft game of lying about shipped to retailer numbers being sales is how the fake sales site vgchartz got started in the first place way back in the first year of the Xbox 360.

As everyone knows, Microsoft started to flood the retail channel with Xbox 360s when to make the silly claim that they had sold '10 million'. There were so many unsold Xbox 360s in stores that there were giant pyramids of them in the months after the holidays from massive over stuff of the retail channel.

The Xbox fan who created the fake vgchartz sales site was a poster on neogaf by the name of ioi who would pretend he had access to 'real sales data'. The problem was 1. neogaf has people on there with access to actual real retail sales data and 2. the Xbox fan ioi was incredibly dumb about his fake and inflated Xbox 360 sales numbers.

Vgchartz thrives off Microsoft's stupid shipped/sold game by pretending there are massive Xbox sales in unnammed countries other than Japan, the US, and the main European countries. When all the stupid little kid is doing is trying to pretend the Microsoft 'shipped to retailer' numbers are actual sales.

Microsoft only sold 3 million consoles by the end of 2014. And the Xbox One has only sold 711k in the US in 2014 so far. The Xbox One has been completely bombing everywhere in Europe except the UK.

That is:
3 million
+ 711k
+ 0k
3.7 million + a tiny amount from Europe

Unless you want to play the silly vgchartz game of pretending there are hundreds of thousands of Xbox One sales outside of those markets it is clear just how badly the Xbox One is failing in the market. It is selling at a worse rate than the Xbox 360 that came in last place.

While the PS4 is already at 7.5 million and selling roughly 250k more each week.

It is obvious why Microsoft is to humiliated to admit to the actual Xbox One sales numbers.


And LOL at 120 frames per second.

120 FPS was Sony pushing for MOVIES to start standardizing on 120 FPS. Nothing to do with games.

But you knew that already...

uptownsoul1695d ago

@TrueFan1 "360 sold approximately 90 million more games than ps3 and most were 1st party." WHAT?!?!?!? Most 360 games were 1st party? Microsoft barely has ANY 1st party studios.

"As for the XB1 they are a actually making a profit per console until the official price cut is announced." WHAT?!?!?!?…AGAIN, WHAT?!?!?!? So who's losing money with the "unofficial" price cuts happening here in USA? (Fry's selling a XB1 and Titanfall and Forza 5 for $460), (NewEgg selling XB1 and Titanfall and Forza 5 for $450)

InTheLab1695d ago


Yeah Sony should spew some more nonsense and report shipped numbers.

9m shipped PS4s vs 5m shipped Xbox ones.

Yeah. Why not.

scott1821695d ago

Strange that they feel they need to report sold to retailer numbers instead of sold to consumer numbers like Sony and Nintendo.

NatureOfLogic_1695d ago

I don't think Sony should play MS game of who can ship the most, because in reality Xbox One won't sell half as many as PS4. Right now MS is only bragging about how fast they can ship Xbox One's to warehouses and store shelves. It's really embarrassing when think about it.

Sethry1011695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I think it would only be fair on the fans, and good for the market for MSFT to come out and announce the official size of their install base of the XboxOne.

Sony have been honest from day one always announcing number sold through to customers, MSFT need to do the same or continue to look like they have something to hide.

There is no doubt the PS4 has the bigger install base as even the PS4 would through numbers are higher then the Xbox sold in numbers. MSFT need to realise that by not announcing the sold through numbers they just leave it to media speculation to do it for them, but then again if they are this scared to announce it then it must be pretty damn low.

AGaryColemanClone1695d ago

It has been too long to find the direct quotes from Nintendo and Sony about only reporting actual sales numbers(not shipped). But here is a 2009 interview with Sony that directly states:

"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail."

OrangePowerz1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

How to spot a huge MS fanboy? They always say MSFT. Not even the biggest Sony fanboys use the stock market handle.


Surprise, surprise. A company is charging money to make money. But there is one difference. While XBL Gold is ripping off people by basically putting everything behind a pay wall, including things that don't cost MS any money like Netflix, PSN+ has things behind the pay wall that cost Sony actually money and the users get recent games free of charge on top of that.

I'm not sure where you got your imaginary number of most of the 90 million+ games being sold being 1st party games. MS doesn't have that many 1st party games. And since youbwabt to throw around numbers, most games this gen so far sell mostly 2:1 on PS4 compared to the X1 and that is an actuall fact compared to your numbers.

Kinect sold good at launch but quickly dropped in sales and I bet that R&D and licensing cost them more then what they made with it.

No they are not making a profit with the X1. The cost for the parts is slightly lower compared to the price they sell it, but that doesn't include distribution, marketing and development cost of the console.

If you mean by great synergy to shoehorn the same ad filled OS on every device sure. I have no doubt it makes you want to buy a surface and windows phone from MSFT for several reasons I don't need to get into for people who have seen you post in the past.

Dudebro901695d ago

@ scott

PS3 can run games at 120 frames per second, stream six channels of HD, and decode one thousand media thumbnails simultaneously.

I dont see the 1000 media thumbnails anywhere in that game.

Are you really trying to justify that stupid quote. Just get over the fact sony had said some really stupid things to try and build the hype of the ps3. Go back and watch E3 2005. Its loaded with BS.

mrpsychoticstalker1695d ago

Why is it so hard for some folks here to accept the fact that both consoles are selling very well?

Yes clearly the PS4 has sold many more units than the Xbox One, but for the 500th time.... consider the price ($399) will never be the same as ($499) . that is a Fact.

Also, consider the amount of countries/territories 13 is not the same as 73, 74? I am not even sure... as much as Sony fans want the Xbox to fail on those territories... they are still big countries with millions of people and none of them follow N4G (maybe a few)

(Numbers are not exactly accurate) but,

7 Million PS4 x $399 = $2,793,000,000
5 Million Xbox x $499 = $2,495,000,000

the difference is not that much. Microsoft is still making a Profit for each unit sold. (to retailers, consumers, sheeps, etc)

add to it the value of Xbox live, like @TRUEFAN1 explained. theres billions there.

like him or not, Don Mattick was the geniuous behind ads on xbox live and shareholders loved him because he made them more money.

Phil is a different type of character, his focus is games and as someone who started from the bottom the guy understands what it means to create fun games that people want to play. I am sure he will deliver on his words.

Congrats to the ps4 selling 7M , Xbox is not that far behind. they will both succeed in the long term.

just as @NOLIMIT said this is like the 50th approved article saying the same thing over and over

avengers19781695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@ true fan MS has a total of 48 million gold members across both 360 and XB1... According to the CEO when they spoke about there original programming in New York today.

If you are gonna spew "facts" then maybe know them first.
Oh and spin the numbers all you want, but to this day Xbox has not made MS any profit.

AGaryColemanClone1695d ago

Dudebro90 is one of those Xbox fans who tries to pretend to be 'outraged' by Sony.

'Sony claimed the PS2 would put out Toy Story graphics. OMG!!! Teh Sony lies!!!'


"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'"

Yep, it was Microsoft themselves who made the stupid 'Toy Story' graphics claim.

sic_chops1695d ago

@trufan let this sink in for a second. Every product M$ makes is always 2nd or 3rd rate compared to other similar products made by other companies. Examples: Zune/iPod, surface/iPad, Windows(vulnerable)/ios, Windows phone/iPhone or Android, xbox 360(rrod)/ps3, xbox one/ps4. This is why m$ makes their numbers look better than they are. I know it burns you up that you can't reply due to your one bubble. Once again xbox will get outsold. We all get it, you are in love with m$ and you enjoy all of their inferior products but your arguments are about as wack as Internet Explorer.

scott1821695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


No, I'm saying that Sony did have a 120 fps game... You say the claim was ridiculous, but it is true.

Death1695d ago

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo report sold to retail when talking to investors. The retailers buys the consoles and then resells them. None of the manufacturers know how many are sold through which is why they pay NPD, GFK Charttrack, MediaCrate, etc for this information. Sony's 7 milliion is sold to retail. There are currently less PS4's on shelves so it is closer to sold through than Microsoft's numbers which are also sold to retail.

It's nice that some of you think Sony is reporting sold as something more than sold to retail. Without the ability to track what happens to consoles after they are sold to retailers, how exactly do you think this is happening? Walmart for one does not share their sales data with anyone. Retailers that do share their data do it for a fee which is how NPD gets it and then resells it. The confusion stems from the time when Sony used to report how many consoles they shipped off the assembly line vs shipped to retail.

AGaryColemanClone1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

The Xbox One is absolutely bombing in sales.

There is no way to spin it.

Microsoft has only shipped little over a million Xbox Ones for the past three months.

Those numbers are well below the last place Xbox 360 at the same time in its first six months.

And that is while desperation retailer incentives and giving away the only big game for the Xbox One in bundles for free.

And now the Xbox One has almost nothing worth mentioning for the rest of 2014 while the PS4 has a constant flood of AAA titles already scheduled for release even before the massive Sony E3 announcements.

Reality is sinking in to Xbox fans who tried to pretend the massively inflated Xbox 360 numbers due to the RRoD and other absurd hardware problems that led Xbox fans to buy new model after new model Xbox 360 last gen were real installed base numbers.

The Xbox One is destined for first Xbox installed base numbers this gen. At its current sales rate the Xbox One will have trouble breaking 30 million before Microsoft pulls the plug on the console.

morganfell1695d ago

"You people do realize Sony was the king of spewing nonsense when it came to last generation."

This ain't last generation...

XBOTTOX1695d ago Show
alexkoepp1695d ago

retailers know the rate at which they sell consoles lol, its not like they keep ordering more Xbox units every week that they are stockpiling. Units shipped/sold are within 1-2 weeks of being the same number. It isn't the same number, but it isn't far off either, and you guys are high if you think otherwise.

Pogmathoin1695d ago

2 things,
Sony used shipped, not sold with PS3,
Kingthrash, please say something new, its the same from you for the last 1,000 comments. You seem to be a smart guy. I know PS4 is fantastic, I own both, but never see the point in bashing a console.... Because its just a console!

ghostface91695d ago

Microsoft's deception.... lmao cause what there are people that dont know what shipped to stores means. Just so you know the report is done by shipped to stores because thats how many they as a company register sold consoles because they make money when its sold to the store now when the consumer buys it. Another side note sony did this all last gen when they were down so stop acting like this is some microsoft scheme get over yourself.

Oner1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

FFS already give it up with that false information about how Sony DOESN'T use Sell Through when they ABSOLUTELY DO. It's been PROVEN for YEARS already that Nintendo & Sony do so. Here, don't believe me? Then read any one of the below links that I've posted before with actual documentation & fact ~

So I ask only 1 thing to ANYONE who claims or "believes" differently ~ If you are so absolutely sure about it then PROVE IT. Show ANY form of document/statement/link or PROOF that says so and states otherwise. Because if not, then STFU you're wrong and stop spreading misinformation.

Kingthrash3601695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@ oner

sony stated 7 mil in sales to customers
ms stated 5 mil SHIPPED to retailer

this is their statements..not mine, yours or anyone commenting.
these statements are straight from the horses mouth..smh...whats so hard to understand?

DigitalRaptor1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Wow, the amount of lies, and misinformation Xbox fanboys intentionally spread on here is ASTOUNDING. It's facepalm-worthy.

People call Sony fanboys out for hating on MS (try and argue with a person's stance on anti-consumerism), but jesus this ill-informed diatribe is beyond insanity, it truly is.

@ Mrpsychoticstalker

"Congrats to the ps4 selling 7M , Xbox is not that far behind. they will both succeed in the long term."

Using padded numbers in your above comparison to downplay the difference? 7M PS4s, vs. 4 million Xbones. It's almost double.

Consider the number of people that 3 million actually is, and then tell me the Xbox is not that far behind. Delusions... smh.

Anon19741695d ago

Death said "Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo report sold to retail when talking to investors."

For the first two quarters that the PS3 was available, Sony reported shipments. Then they switched to sold for the purposes of reporting to investors. It's right in the information packages that go out at the same time as the financial updates. Here's the quote and the link.

"From FY07 the method of reporting unit sales was changed from shipments to recorded sales (FY06 reclassified)"

As for the MSFT, Sony, etc paying for NPD data, why on earth would they do that? Do you think they don't know how many units go to stores versus how many are reordered and what those reorder levels are? In the past we've seen companies correct NPD's reports when there's been discrepancies. You can't honestly believe these companies rely on external marketing groups to keep track of their own product sales? That's ridiculous.

zeuanimals1695d ago


In regards to Oner's statement... You misunderstood him, he said that Sony talks about sold through to customers and backed it up too.

Kingthrash3601695d ago

yeah i did...and i apologized. mabad, i stand corrected.

MasterCornholio1695d ago (Edited 1694d ago )


Bubble up for a well said.

Can't believe some people are allowing Microsoft and Mr.X deceive them this way.


Bubble down for saying something stupid and delusional. Your are a perfect example of someone who allows Microsoft and Mr.X to deceive them.


Eeewwww a fanboy of Mattrick.

"like him or not, Don Mattick was the geniuous behind ads on xbox live and shareholders loved him because he made them more money."

Well I dont think they like him now especially with the way the Xbox One is selling.

Death1694d ago


"From FY07 the method of reporting unit sales was changed from production shipments to recorded sales (FY06 reclassified)"

Production shipments would be the amount shipped from the assembly lines. Consoles go from the production line into warehouses waiting for orders. In a perfect world you only make as many as retailers buy so you can ship direct from the assembly line, but that is almost never the case.

Recorded sales are shipped consoles to retailers. When retailers buy consoles they are shipped from the warehouse to either the retailer or to a third party distributor.

Manufacturers do not know how many consoles are sold through to end users and how many are still in the retail channel. This is why NPD exists. It is a way for manufacturers to determine production rates and reduce warehousing which is very costly and cuts into profits.

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Blaze9291695d ago

at the end of the day, every game has to asks themselves this: who, cares? Me? Why?

2v11695d ago

i care because im not wasting my time and money supporting a pos.

jessupj1695d ago

You're at stage 4 of the xbox one cycle of acceptance.

You're well on your way to recovery Blaze, well done.

You know why it's important? Because more hardware sales equals more developer support which equal more games and better looking games.

And isn't it all about the games?

hello121695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Firstly, Microsoft always says shipped when they gave results and figures. Sony never gives out figures they just say we sold this many to customers no breakdown or anything.

Sony has been caught lying to its customers, give me one instance were Microsoft lied to their customers.

How easily people forget the Killzone 1080p lie. Discovered the multiplayer was closer to 720p

Hicken1695d ago

First off, Microsoft has already reported sold to consumers this gen. They freaking started the gen off trying to match the sales announcements of Sony, who was pushing a million units at each launch, and reporting sold to consumers at that time.

But by January, Microsoft was only giving out sold to retailers, while Sony continued with their sold to consumer reports. That means your comment starts off as a lie.

As for Killzone, I'd invite you to educate yourself on what 1080p is, but I know you won't bother, so I won't waste my time.

Oner1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

KNWS said ~ "give me one instance were Microsoft lied to their customers"

Sure. Easy. In fact here's more than one ~

Microsoft lied about 360 sales at CES ~

Microsoft issued materially false and misleading statements regarding the Company’s financial performance ~

How MS lied/180'ed about Kinect being for hardcore than saying it was never for hardcore ~

Lies about Xbox 360 failures ~

MS Admits 360's are still defective after saying there is no real issue for years ~

And one of my personal favorites with LOTS of examples ~

I can go on but I would be wasting my time as I am sure you can't/won't even admit you are wrong and that MS has lied numerous times.

seatunt1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@Oner and? So does Sony, not trying to be D but they've all lied to us at one point or another.

DigitalRaptor1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

This diatribe will continue as long as you guys keep believing what you read, without questioning it. Just read the comments above about the "Sony lies", and have them disproven by ACTUAL factual links.

Instead of believing other fanboys who are looking to tear down Sony, read what "temporal reprojection" actually is, and what "1080p" actually is. It doesn't matter how it reaches 1080p, if it's a native signal. Sony didn't lie - they used technological trickery to achieve 1080p, and only the desperate, DESPERATE fanboys are clinging on to that one.

Just like the insane fanboys that look at the OLD articles about inFamous: Second Son's "downgrade", even though it was proven more than once to be complete nonsense, and there's a thread worth of data on NeoGaf proving the claims of a downgrade to be utter BS.

People like you are the epitome of the gamer BlackBusterCritic is referring to here, and the stories he shares are dangerously similar to the kind of lies you are trying to carry through this generation, here:

imt5581695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


Quote :

"How easily people forget the Killzone 1080p lie. Discovered the multiplayer was closer to 720p"

KZ: SF is 1080p, both in singleplayer and multiplayer. Despite that in MP Guerilla use "temporal reprojection" for achieveing 1080p. And there is NO UPSCALING image. So, techically, MP is @1080p.

Nice spin, dude!

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choujij1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I believe the reason Microsoft is not forthcoming is because during their last quarter (Jan, Feb & March), the 360 actually sold more units than Xbox One (during it's first Jan, Feb & March months).

Here's what we know:
MS confirmed the Xbox One shipped 3.9 million units to retailers (3 million sold to consumers) by the end of 2013. By the end of the last quarter, MS confirmed that a total of 5.1 million have been SHIPPED. This means they only shipped 1.2 million units during last quarter (between the months of Jan, Feb & March 2014).

The Xbox 360's first Quarter 3 (ending March 31, 2006), sold 1.7 million units, for a worldwide total of 3.2 million.

So while the Xbox One still maintains an unknown, albeit small, lead of total consoles sold to consumers 5 months after launch, (which is in harmony with what MS is saying), it begs to reason that the Xbox One is definitely selling a smaller rate of consoles than the 360 post-launch.

So unless something drastically changes this quarter, the Xbox One will soon fall behind the 360 in terms of total units sold during Quarter 4 2006/2014).

DiRtY1695d ago

Just for the record, the stupidity on N4G blows everything out of the water.

EVERY company reports shipped (aka sold to retailers) numbers in their financial results. EVERY! Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Nintendo, Apple EVERY COMPANY!

Wait for Sonys Q report and they will do the very same thing. And no, not because that gives them bragging rights, but shareholders ask for it, because this is what generates revenue and NOT the consumer.

The product goes like this:

Manufacturer --> retailer --> consumer

The money goes like this:

1st) retailer --> manufacturer
2nd) consumer --> retailer

Offtopic: Why are video blog posts allowed on N4G?

Hicken1694d ago

Comments in this very article, made before yours, provide links that PROVE that to be a lie. I count four different comments with actual links ABOVE yours, comments you'd have to get past before you posted down here.

When you look at actual facts and still come up with the wrong answer... Heaven help Xbox fanboys...

randomass1711694d ago

That's the worst part, I was at one point misled to believe that the numbers were indeed sold to consumers and not shipped. That was all based on misinformation. It starts with the source, let me tell ya.

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Chanogram1695d ago

Mediocre Iinfamous sales would point to the conclusion that this doesnt matter. What matters is how many games are sold on a device, not the over-all user base. If games consistently sell at a higher clip on one console, publishers wont care if there arent as many consoles in the wild.

CharlesDCI1695d ago

You can't expect all 7 million PS4 owners to even have an interest in Infamous, so you can't judge console growth based on exclusive title sales. The game has been out for about a month and surpassed 1 million and I'm sure Sony is happy with that.

Kribwalker1695d ago

But when you guys say the PS4 has twice the user base as the X1, and yet titanfall sells more standalone x1 copies then infamous sells, with twice the install base, that's a terrible stat. It's expected that multi platforms will sell better on the PS4 if they have a larger install base, so these claims of games selling twice as many on PS4 makes sense. It's the sales of exclusives that need to really tell the story.

hello121695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Approximately 15 per of the userbase who own a PS4 bought infamous. That's terrible when Sony has pushed out very few first party exclusives in the first place.

I'm amazed games get made for Sony. Could explain partly why studios close so much more on the Sony side.

imt5581695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


Quote :

"Approximately 15 per of the userbase who own a PS4 bought infamous. That's terrible when Sony has pushed out very few first party exclusives in the first place.."

WHAT A BULLSHIT SPIN and nice math!

InFamous SS sales SURPASS 1 million. So, 1 mil.+ on 7 mil.+ PS4 sold. And the math is, KNWS?

MightyNoX1695d ago

I agree - which is why Battlefield. Ground zeroes and other multiplatforms outselling on the Playstation platforms gonna make 3rd part publishers think twice about giving MS exclusivity. :)

Sethry1011695d ago

Devs look to release on the larger install base. The bigger the install base the more people the game can reach. That is why the number of units sold through to customers matters so much.

Personally I think there should be more regulation in the market forcing companies to release how many units have been sold to customers and how big the install base is. This would hugely benefit developers allowing them to judge which the best platform to develop for is.

fonger081695d ago

Well the Xbox division has turned a profit (see 2011) it posted a $1.32 Billion dollar profit for that year... however it should be stated that they've lost over 3 billion in 10 years of doing this business.

ghostface91695d ago

Ya the guy who did this article is an idiot xbox made a profit each year from 2008 to 2012 2013 numbers arent out yet or I couldn't find them

fonger081695d ago

Yeah the guy is referencing a Forbes article that references an Examiner article that about a rumor that an analyst believes Microsoft is hiding their losses of the Xbox with Android royalties. This of course "could" be true but not stated like fact in the video.

I love disagrees with posted numbers that are facts. Gotta love this site!

No_Limit1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

OMG, can't believe these fools. First of all, if anyone knows about how financial reports are listed, everything is listed as shipped to retailers, including Sony, Apple, Samsung, and yes, MS. Secondly, this is like the 50th approved article saying the same thing over and over. At the end of the day, if you feel like it is a console that is worth your investment, then buy it, and if not, don't. It is like when Sony was combining their PS3 and PS2 shipped figures on their previous financial reports, or the Wii U shipments miss targets at 3.45M, projected 9M for next fiscal year in 2013 and no one seems to care at all, and it is a big deal now? Please! Simple as that and all these armchair financial specialists insights here is just ridiculous. Whatever happens to the good old days of just playing the games and be happy with your product?

NatureOfLogic_1695d ago

Last time I checked, Sony report 7 million sold vs MS embarrassing 5 million shipped. So what's with the Sony too bs? Also stop the damage control for Xbox One.

No_Limit1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

When did I ever say that Sony is BS about their figures. Congrat to Sony, they have a great product and it deserves every one of those 7 millions sold including the one that I bought at launch. It is one of the best selling console ever in the course of 5 months after launch but does that mean the XB1 is not doing good and it is doomed even though it is tracking well ahead of the XB360 and PS3 during the same time span and is available in only 13 countries so far?

Really, the Wii was killing both the X360 and PS3 early last gen but it is all about the games and services in which it lack and the latter 2 console has, which is all that matters in the end if you are a true console gamer.

Heck, are you going to tell the original Xbox owners that Halo 1, 2, KOTAR, Ninja Gaiden, Jade Dynasty were failures when the system it was on sold 1/6 of what the PS2 user base was? So the PS4 is more successful deemed the XB1 a failure? That is just crazy logic here and if you are a true gamer, you buy what you want and there is no way I am going to miss Halo 5, Quantum Break or the next Gears of War because "oh gosh, I better not buy those games on a console that sold less than its closest competitor" .

It is ignorant and you gotta be a real fanboy to think that way. A true gaming fan will buy what is require to play the games that he/she wants to play regardless of brand loyalty or hatred towards another brand. Heck, I got the Wii U to get it ready just for Mario Kart 8 in a month.

"If you limit yourself to a single console, you are cheating yourself"


Oner1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

No_Limit said (and I quote) ~

"OMG, can't believe these fools. First of all, if anyone knows about how financial reports are listed, everything is listed as shipped to retailers, *****INCLUDING SONY******, Apple, Samsung, and yes, MS"

----------------------------- -------------------

ArgumentumAdPopulum replies with ~

"Last time I checked, Sony report 7 million sold vs MS embarrassing 5 million shipped. So what's with the Sony too bs?..."

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Then No_Limit replies to ArgumentumAdPopulum with ~

"When did I ever say that Sony is BS about their figures."

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Really? REALLY?! SMFH ~ You sir, are one of the fools here that you yourself cannot believe! You contradicted yourself in your own words right here in black and white for all prosperity & everyone to see/confirm. Just go up and read/follow some of the links I have previously provided that actually show Sony's Financial Reports that CLEARLY STATE ~

"Beginning with Q1 FY07, the method of reporting hardware and software sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales"


VoiceMale1695d ago

The disagrees alone should tell you logic is unacceptable here....

U see how factual an OPINION PIECE is on here with a title "For Discussion: The Truth About Xbox One Sales"

I don't know what truth people are looking for????
MS already outright stated what they shipped.... isn't that truth enough????

Can we move on now so many articles approved saying the same thing in less than a week...

choujij1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

No, that isn't "truth enough". Especially when what they're saying can be easily misconstrued and appear as an attempt on their part to mislead consumers and investors into believing the system is much more successful than it actually is (how many journalists have reported this incorrectly?). They told us last quarter how many were sold to consumers, why now only tell us how many were "sold-in"?

Truth is simple, not complicated. Truth enough would be if they simply stated how many systems were sold to consumers, like their competitors Sony and Nintendo do.

2v11695d ago

OMG why CANT some people accept the FACTS!

randomass1711694d ago

Some fans get easily misled and cling to good news, even if it's false. Other times people are just willfully ignorant.

jessupj1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

You can say Sony fanboys are louder, (I might actually partially agree with that) but you can't deny ms fanboys are the most delusional and most blind.

Maybe sony fanboys are louder because they can't believe ms fanboys keep spouting the BS they do in the face of cold hard facts that completely disprove their arguments?

I'm not just talking about no_limit either. This story is full of them. Just like every other factual negative MS article. I'm so sick of the blind apologizing for a company that doesn't care about games.

It's fine to have a bias, but when that bias makes you deny facts there's something seriously wrong.

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Toon_Link1695d ago

The whole time I watched this video I imagined Ali G was doing the commentary.