The Daily Five: Best Upcoming Open World Games

"It’s easy to say that open world games are among the most enjoyable experiences available in our industry. There are also dozens of great experiences where the open world environment is front and center over the last ten years. Many games featured open worlds throughout the past 30 years, but it wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto III that the 3D open world popularity truly caught on." David Wales, Stealthy Box

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Minipandaninja1664d ago

Honestly I dont trust techland so I have no hope for dying light. Maybe I'll end being wrong and I hope so but I dont want to be disappointed again. Call of juarez and dead island were enough for me.

For AC, the serie died for me at AC revelations. Loved the first, second was awesome and had a lot of upgrades, brotherhood was the same but we could have a clan of assassins and a lot to do. Revelation was boring, Ac3 has done nothing interesting but was fun, played black flag 6 hours and stopped (better play far cry 3)

I'm ok with the other three

shammgod1664d ago

Here is the list:

AC Unity
Watch Dogs
Shadow of Mordor
Dying Light

Farsendor11664d ago

im going to buy everyone of those games, really no joke i have been excited for pretty much all of them.

levian1664d ago

Same, love the emphasis on open world games this gen! Add to the list Dragon Age (if it's good) and the Witcher 3, The Division, and some more I'm sure I'm forgetting. It's gonna be a great year.