Why PS4's Delays May Be a Blessing in Disguise

Push Square: "You could almost sense the falling fire and brimstone in forums when both DriveClub and Watch Dogs were delayed mere weeks before the PlayStation 4’s release. While the platform holder had acted impeccably leading up to the next-gen system’s launch, we always felt that something would go wrong in the days before the big black box hit store shelves, and the loss of two major launch titles certainly struck with Muhammad Ali-like force. Despite the doom and gloom at the time, though, the anticipated titles’ unexpected absences didn’t really hurt much, as Sony went on to break sales records with its super machine, and struggle to keep stock on store shelves."

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KinjoTakemura1664d ago

Sony and other developers made the right choice to delay games that had problems. I'd rather play a great game later than a crappy, broken game now.

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stuna11664d ago

The thing about the delay of these two titles is they will in essence drive sales considering they were sought-after titles to begin with. Most gamers who initially planned on purchasing a PS4 usually mention one or both titles as incentives as far as their choice to make a purchase for a PS4. Although some gamers hype for the games have wained, with others the exact opposite has happened, with the anticipation increasing.

This will lead not only to those who already went out there and brought a PS4 because they anticipated the games releasing on time as scheduled, but it has enforced the anticipated hype for those who chose to wait. This in turn is almost guaranteed to boost PS4 console sales simply because 1) Some have held off buying other games, because they may not have as big a gaming budget as others or 2) It was these particular titles they actually waited on to drop before they took the plunge to buy a PS4.

Delayed games are actually good driving console sales depending on how long the wait is, but for the most part it also comes with a added benefit of better overall product also dependent on who's actually at the helm directingit.

OrangePowerz1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

It obviously boost also game sales since the userbase is larger compared to when the console came out.

stuna11664d ago

Yeah, I was meaning to say a lot more than it's already is. I think that the initial hype for both consoles have died down considerably! Therefore going forward, sales for the consoles are entering thephase of software driving sales instead of them being driven by the new hardware aspect of things.

OrangePowerz1664d ago

If it makes the game better I rather have it released later (hello BF4, I'm looking at you).

BIB1664d ago

"Sony will know that it needs to bring some heat in the exclusives department." Of course Sony knows, they did it with PS3 so one can assume they will do it even more so with PS4.

Hicken1664d ago

For some odd reason, some people seem to think that Sony will do what they never do, and leave their console wanting for games.

I can't fathom the mentality behind that, because I don't get such ridiculous fanboyism.

maniacmayhem1664d ago

What exclusive from Sony studios are you looking forward to for the PS3 Hicken?

maniacmayhem1663d ago

No, not waiting on any games for Sony for the PS3 Hicken?

Strangely quiet from someone who claims Sony isn't abandoning their system and then can't name any games from them for their PS3 that they want to see or even play for that matter.

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