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Spawned from the tech that created the most recent Rayman titles and Ubisoft's Montreal studio, it's a handpainted storybook featuring a little girl as its lead character as she explores a fantasy as dangerous as it is beautiful. It's a role playing game created by a studio known for third person action games and shooters. It's a downloadable title created by a AAA team.

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ZodTheRipper1691d ago

lol 6.5, Polygon at it again ...I won't even bother giving them my click. Judging by the other reviews their justification for this score is not worth reading anyway.

NewMonday1691d ago

it's like they hate good games.

minimur121691d ago Show
king_george1691d ago


Lol he wont like that. I actually agree with the majority of his comments but every now and then he says something... idk

On topic- was actually planning on getting this. Liked the whole look and feel of the game. Hopefully its just polygon

TomShoe1691d ago

Ugh, looks like CoL got Polygon'd. Isn't it weird how the game only got 2 mediocre reviews? Like every other Playstation exclusive. And I can always guess one of them.

thehobbyist1691d ago

It's like they hate 2D games. Because this is the same thing with Dragon's Crown. Guess you gotta have the big dick 3D Crytek enginge grwaphix to have good score on polygon.

VileAndVicious1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


Its like they hate everything. It must be hip to give popular games low scores

starchild1691d ago

They always seem to judge a game against
their own illogical expectations of it and not for what it actually offers.

It's like saying "god damn it, this is a horrible hamburger", just because you were in the mood for chicken.

N4g_null1690d ago

Sounds like it just has no depth.

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Muerte24941691d ago

I guess the figure they'll get more clicks if they're going against the grain.

ZodTheRipper1691d ago

And it seems to work ...but it's utterly pathetic to sell out like this.

Cryptcuzz1691d ago

I was just going to make a comment that reflects exactly what you have said, until I saw your comment that is :)

At this point, it seems like all I would have to do is skim through the reviews and can pick out which one is probably from Polygon.

I wonder how much traffic N4G generates to their site? Would be interesting to know.

T21691d ago

You would think they would be embarrassed as its clearly obvious even for something that only requires an opinion they never get it right. It's like if you review movies and you said gigli was a 10/10, ok it's an opinion but 99% of people still think you are an idiot
See also the last of us

Rodney251691d ago

*sigh*polygon. It's just... Naw forget it.

DVS-Zev1691d ago

Polygon are so edgy and against the grain.

So much so that it actually makes me sick.

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Drithe1691d ago

It's like they give nongamers jobs to review games. heh.

monochromer1691d ago

Anyone who clicks this is feeding the largest troll on Internet.

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