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Child Of Light may have been pitched as an indie experiment – a project made with an almost rebellious small-team attitude within the walls of a big publisher – but this is a Ubisoft game through and through. And we don’t just mean the obligatory main menu nag to log into Uplay, Ubisoft’s social-network-cum-game-store, which the publisher’s persistence in pushing is now almost perversely endearing. There’s a crafting system, with collectible gems combined to make more powerful ones to slot into weapons for little stat or elemental buffs. There’s a levelling curve that doles out skill points to be spent in a colossal tech tree. And there are Confessions – scraps of paper that flutter on the breeze and, when collected, fill out the story.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1360d ago

Most reviews are great so this one is an exception. There's always those few who rate a mostly great rated game horrible. This is why I'll be watching twitch on PS4 more often to decide if a game is good or not.

Einhert1360d ago

Thats because not everyone has the same opinion about everything.

Isn't that just magical?

DragonKnight1360d ago

Maybe not, but there is a such thing a stupid opinion.

That's also magical.

Einhert1360d ago


That would be your opinion of an opinion then.

But keep trying to find a way to objectively and conclusively say something is good or bad irrespective of everybody else.

Pug1360d ago

Funny you mention objectivity...something these so called "game news" sites should be applying when reviewing. If I wanted an opinion I'd go and ask some tramp on the street.

4Sh0w1360d ago

True, there are "opinions" that are on the left or right side of the norm but I don't find them automatically "stupid" just because I don't agree with them. If such opinions are followed up with solid reasoning for which that opinion is based then even though most may disagree I think its just as valid as any other positive opinions. Personally I think Child of Light looks like a brilliant game with its unique approach to what I generally find is a boring combat system in most rpg's however after reading the authors point of view I completely understand why HE didn't like it so much.

DragonKnight1360d ago

Actually no, it's not my opinion of an opinion. I didn't say what my opinion was. I said there is a such thing as a stupid opinion because there is.

In this case it is my opinion that the author's opinion is stupid. One can come to this conclusion when reading this part of the review...

"Child Of Light may have been pitched as an indie experiment – a project made with an almost rebellious small-team attitude within the walls of a big publisher – but this is a Ubisoft game through and through. And we don’t just mean the obligatory main menu nag to log into Uplay, Ubisoft’s social-network-cum-game-store, which the publisher’s persistence in pushing is now almost perversely endearing."

The author is slagging the game just for being associated with Ubisoft. This part of the review has no bearing on the actual gameplay or enjoyment of the game, yet the author felt it necessary to inject his opinion about Ubisoft policy into a review about a game, and it's not hard to come to the conclusion that this specific part played a part in the 5 out of 10 score even though it has nothing to do with the game itself.

Therefore, stupid opinion is stupid.

randomass1711360d ago

I see what DragonKnight is saying. If he's basing this 5/10 on Ubisoft's involvement and not on any actual flaws in the gameplay or design then it's a pretty dumb and bias review. No one is dumb for liking or disliking something, but they can have really dumb reasons for it, I think.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1360d ago

Game is fun so far. Downloaded it at 12 this morning. So beautiful. And love the narration.

Baccra171360d ago

The review actually made me want to get it so I can play it with my little sister. All the other reviews, especially when describing the combat system, turned me off.

randomass1711360d ago

That's the most ironic thing I've read all day.

2cents1359d ago

Edge are such a cynical bunch of old farts

5? Nowhere in the review did I see any justification for such a low score. Based on the review I would have thought they would have given a 7 at least.

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iplay1up21360d ago

I have seen 2 bad reviews and 6 great ones, so I guess for $14.99 I might have to see for myself. Even the bad ones say it is pretty.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1360d ago

It's funny the Metacritic was 86 for this game then they add this one review and it dropped to 80. This is why I don't really care about Metacritic anymore. When the add Polygon's review it will drop even lower.

Blues Cowboy1360d ago

Metacritic is nonsense anyway. Every site has their own scoring criteria, audiences and weighting - a '5' on one site might mean the same as a '6' or '7' on another. I love MC for conveniently putting reviews together, but don't pay any attention to the number IMHO

Neonridr1360d ago

Metacritic is not nonsense. So games like TLOU, GTA V, Mario 3D World shouldn't have the scores they do? Sure there are one or two rotten apples in the bunch, but overall, the scores tend to pretty much accurately reflect the quality of the game. If a game receives universal 8's, 9's, 10's and then one or two 4's or 5's, safe to say the game is pretty good. If everyone was to give the game a 4 or 5, safe to say the game isn't that great.

Alsybub1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

@Blues Cowboy

You're correct. With Edge a five is average. Anything above that is above average. Makes sense.

Most publications have a really warped way of grading, when you think about it. For them average tends to be 7 (or 70%) then anything below is poor. That doesn't makes sense, because, if we're simply talking about a percentage, 70% is 20 positions higher than the half way point. So, why wouldn't 50% be the average? It certainly should be. We've all been conditioned to think of 50% as bad but as a number it's right in the middle.

That would mean that Edge's score of 5 would, generally, translate to a 7 (or 70%) if it were another outlet. Not such a bad score after all.

The reason they've not given it a higher score is because of pacing, structure and the difficulty being too low. They say that visually it's amazing. Of course, we all know that graphics aren't what make a great game....right?

DragonKnight1360d ago

Neonridr: Metacritic IS nonsense. You can't arbitrarily throw out high scoring games as a way to justify its existence when its implementation is highly suspect and broken. Metacritic needs to go.

RyanShutup1360d ago

meteoritic should drop the two highest and lowest scores, this would cut out the extremes and show the real median score...

4Sh0w1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Nothing wrong with metacritic. Metacritic simply compiles review scores from generally the same accepted sites and ONLY gives us an average= it doesn't matter if different sites use different rating system because again its not like they tend to use random blog sites from all over the net, no its mostly the same sites thus the ratings from game to game are based on the same rating system each individual site uses, I'd say the different reviewers each site uses has more to do with how well a game is received rather than the actual rating system they use. Either way metacritic is ONLY an average score of those opinions for those who seek a general idea(rating/score) of a games NUMERICAL *PERCEIVED VALUE FROM PROFESSIONAL CRITICS.

Metacritic itself has no dog in the fight they are just providing a service, given that scores/reviews are by their nature very subjective, there is simply NO BETTER WAY other than playing a game for yourself to get a general idea of how good a game is(ironcly all that will do is form your own personal opinion, there is no right, no wrong)= FACT is most people either aren't willing to spend money, don't have the money and/or most don't have the time to buy and play more than a few games out of the total released every year thus THEY WANT a general idea (average score) of a game BEFORE they purchase it, which is exactly the need/service metacritic fills. Nothing says by default you have to accept metacritics average by buying a highly rated game or dismissing a lower rated game but either way YOU DECIDE that doesn't make what metacritic does "nonsense" nor review sites opinions "useless" if you truly understand the purpose they serve and don't get caught up in "fanboyism"= interpreting these opinions or metacritics average as gospel(when convenient), then the sun will come up tomorrow and life will go on.

schlanz1360d ago


people tend to think of 0-100 percentages based on schooling. 70% is average in school. 50% is worse than bad. That's why most good games score above an 8. Not many people consider a 70% test score "good".

and this isn't just used in school either, in life a 50% just isn't good. If you're only doing 50% at work you probably won't have a job anymore. If you make 50% of your projected earnings one year, you might not be in business much longer.

right or wrong, that's kind of where the paradigm comes from. people look at percentages differently based on their perception of them in their everyday life.

randomass1711360d ago

Perhaps Metacritic doesn't need to go, but it is fundamentally flawed and holds way too much power over the industry. If it doesn't have to go, it definitely needs to be reworked.

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jegheist20141360d ago

bought game is so beautiful played hour half last nite is it perfect game like 10 rating if u were to rate by how good it looks art style is 10.

as far as battleing ps4 controls r inverted lil so those get 9

in battle fights r lil weak also but lvel up system customization over all is 9

so yes this game has minum of 9 or 9.5 for 15 bux u cant go wrong for rpg game thats probly 4 hours or il longer maybe max is 8-10 dont know.

i had 3 trophys in hour half theres only 20 hope they add dlc to make gamel onger maybe platinum hidden with dlc in future who knows

ACESupERIC1360d ago

I was stoked about this game until I read this review. The score doesn't bother me. Never really care about scores. But turn based battles are a killer for me. I just cant get into the turn based games. Never could.

rextraordinaire1360d ago

You probably were not -that- stoked then. The fact that it uses a turn based battle system has been known for a while now.

randomass1711360d ago

@ACE That's too bad. :( I feel some of the finest games had turn based battles. Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games are among my favorites. There are more I could think of but I'm too lazy right now lol.

kevinsheeks1360d ago

I thought it was an action rpg as well i will still give it a try thought cause i'm bored ;\

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