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Child Of Light may have been pitched as an indie experiment – a project made with an almost rebellious small-team attitude within the walls of a big publisher – but this is a Ubisoft game through and through. And we don’t just mean the obligatory main menu nag to log into Uplay, Ubisoft’s social-network-cum-game-store, which the publisher’s persistence in pushing is now almost perversely endearing. There’s a crafting system, with collectible gems combined to make more powerful ones to slot into weapons for little stat or elemental buffs. There’s a levelling curve that doles out skill points to be spent in a colossal tech tree. And there are Confessions – scraps of paper that flutter on the breeze and, when collected, fill out the story.

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iplay1up21663d ago

I have seen 2 bad reviews and 6 great ones, so I guess for $14.99 I might have to see for myself. Even the bad ones say it is pretty.

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jegheist20141662d ago

bought game is so beautiful played hour half last nite is it perfect game like 10 rating if u were to rate by how good it looks art style is 10.

as far as battleing ps4 controls r inverted lil so those get 9

in battle fights r lil weak also but lvel up system customization over all is 9

so yes this game has minum of 9 or 9.5 for 15 bux u cant go wrong for rpg game thats probly 4 hours or il longer maybe max is 8-10 dont know.

i had 3 trophys in hour half theres only 20 hope they add dlc to make gamel onger maybe platinum hidden with dlc in future who knows

ACESupERIC1662d ago

I was stoked about this game until I read this review. The score doesn't bother me. Never really care about scores. But turn based battles are a killer for me. I just cant get into the turn based games. Never could.

rextraordinaire1662d ago

You probably were not -that- stoked then. The fact that it uses a turn based battle system has been known for a while now.

randomass1711662d ago

@ACE That's too bad. :( I feel some of the finest games had turn based battles. Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games are among my favorites. There are more I could think of but I'm too lazy right now lol.

kevinsheeks1662d ago

I thought it was an action rpg as well i will still give it a try thought cause i'm bored ;\

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