Destiny Awaits

The tension emanating from rabid Bungie fans and their fellow gamers simply captivated by what they have been shown to date is palpable. Bungie have played a sure and steady hand since its jaw-dropping reveal at E3 in 2013, and in this day and age, that’s no small thing. It’s shrewd and some might say an assured move.

The first known reference to Destiny was noticed in Bungie’s 2009 game Halo 3: ODST in which a poster on a wall bore the legend: “Destiny Awaits” and showed a picture of the Earth with what we now know as “The Traveller” floating nearby.

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inf3cted11690d ago

This game had so much hype... I was so hyped with the first trailers of this game.

Now its just going downhill.

The new trailer (Devil's Lair) was just plain "Okay" everywhere. The music was progressive and tiring, the guns were not loud enough, the gameplay... it just didnt feel like I really wanted to play the game.

Im not expecting much right now, hopefully im wrong.

Bungie is known for making excellent games and Halo was a good example, but im not feeling anything on this one.

ZodTheRipper1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's much more fun playing by yourself, exploring the world and customizing your character than watching a few of out-of-context gameplay minutes. This definately will be worth it's price unlike so many other games these days, don't worry.

Farsendor11689d ago

i recently became hyped for the game now im losing my excitement. fast leveling is a disappointment

ZodTheRipper1690d ago

And I await Destiny :D
Can't wait to coop this with friends/brother, I'm actually more concerned about server stability and framrate than I am about the quality of the game itself. One of the reasons for this is the initial delay ...shows that they want to deliver something great unlike CoD, BF or Assasin's Creed that are just made for the holiday season.

Meltic1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I dont care about the Reviews. Cant wait to step on the moon with my friends

Skate-AK1690d ago

Only a little more than a month until the Beta.

No_Limit1690d ago

How do you get the beta invite? I preorder the game at Gamestop about 5 weeks ago on the XB1 and I didn't get a beta code or anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.