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"Having spend several hours with a pre-release version of Destiny on PS4, my sense is that Bungie’s vision is no less than a complete rethink of how multiplayer shooters work. Destiny is a deconstruction and reconstruction of a genre that has languished in sterile matchmaking lobbies for far too long."

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WorldGamer1420d ago

Sounds legit. Always like multiplayer exploration games. It's cool that things will be optional, really allows you to shape your own gaming experience.

micx1420d ago

It seems this game offers a lot of ways to shape your gaming experience, that's something forward to.

1420d ago
ScareFactor1420d ago

This game seems great and all but I don't think the PvP will be as good as Halo was and is. This will probably be more of a coop game for me which is fine because it seems to have a lot to offer

DefenderOfDoom21420d ago

I really love FPS CO-OP - so this game is very high on my "what the f**k is this gonna be like" meter ! I am guessing the beta will ready in July . I think the release date is Sept 1st / 2014 .

SpitFireAce851420d ago

Yeah I love co-op MP as well...I think release day is Sep 9th 2014

Father__Merrin1420d ago

best version will be ps4 version I can't wait

Farsendor11416d ago

except for resolution i believe both games will be on par.

Skate-AK1420d ago

Game looks great. Probably wont play much PVP though.

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