Resident Evil 7: Capcom Doesn’t Want To Repeat Series Mistakes, But What Else Can It Do?

Resident Evil 7 has popped its (mutated, glaring) head around the corner, and suddenly we’re back on the same old emotional roller coaster. How can Capcom avoid another Resident Evil 6 disaster?

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cfc781692d ago

Traditional survival horror with wizz bang graphics gets my vote.(well put)

SaturdayNightBeaver1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

If you think traditional like RE , RE2? fixed camera and actual brain using puzzles / inventory etc...original epic atmosphere? Not happening ever again , but they can figure out something acceptable for sure i hope.. Thing is suits upstairs don't wanna risk their precious sales , so they play it "safe".

Matt6661691d ago

What they should do with RE7 is continue where RE:CVx left off, because at the end of RE:CVx, Chris and Claire said they where going to take down Umbrella. But that never happened. They should also bring back the proper monsters, zombies, hunters, lickers, etc.

In addition to this get rid of the following;
weapon upgrades,
the las pargas crap,
All the action bs that was in RE4-6.

Massacred1691d ago

Up-vote to Karma heaven.

RosweeSon1691d ago

Yeah back to basics resi 4 is fantastic but you can't beat that original mansion and number 2 with it's police station was pretty slick. Classic, none of this run and gun stuff ;)

Muzikguy1691d ago

Definitely! Every time I think of RE I'm always thinking of the original game. I loved it! Even if the backgrounds were static. I liked that you had to think in the game. Herbs were tough to come by, and ammo was scarce. That was a scary game :)

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Godmars2901692d ago

Go back to relying on gameplay to tell stories rather than CG cutscenes. Set it on a mansion and it grounds with Metroidvinia exploration and limited resources.

badboy7761692d ago

Make it a PlayStation Exclusive Once again.

XxExacutionerxX1692d ago

Lol, yeah right
From what I remember Resident Evil 5, and 6 sold more copies on the Xbox 360 than on the PS3.
Remake Resident Evil 2 and make it Xbox Exclusive!!!!!

ShaunCameron1692d ago

How? RE5 and 6 sold well with the Xbox crowd.

pwnsause_returns1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

making it a PS exclusive doesnt solve the Problems that RE has. Besides, its fanbase goes beyond playstation. it has fans on all three corners....Oh and PC as well.

what it needs is a huge reboot. and that reboot mcuh be a real surival horror game. REAL SURVIVOR HORROR GAME. not an ACTION SHOOTER! We have many of those already.

2pacalypsenow1692d ago

@XxExacutionerxX yet the best RE games were exclusive to either Sony or Nintendo

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Muzikguy1691d ago

Remakes of 1 - 3 would be awesome! I haven't played the remake that was on GameCube :/ They really need to get away from the run and gun stuff and back to horror and scarce ammo/health whatever they decide to do

Godmars2901691d ago

Horror and scares for RE was tank controls. Incomprehensibly complex puzzles which often not only required backtracking, but looked like they could be easily bypassed by being climbed over, kicked in or even shot.

They need to do those 4th - 5th? - generation console games, but with a 8th if not 9th gen perspective. With organically natural controls and puzzles if you don't do them right have consequences. Like nosily kicking in a door summons zombies. Triggers an optional boss fight or second death trap puzzle.

Muzikguy1691d ago

Everyone complains about the controls but I played the games no problem. Oh well. There were lots of jumps in the early games. My only gripe would be how every time you opened a door you were automatically safe. The controls I got used to. Newer ones would be nice if they did something like that with a remake of the first 3 games. Updated graphics and controls with scares intact would be my favorite game of the gen probably!

Mr-Dude1692d ago

Listen to your fansbase

micx1692d ago

According to Capcom, they are listeting to them, lol.

NarooN1691d ago

They ARE listening.

And they're doing the exact opposite of what everyone wants, because in spite of people saying they hate Capcom, they still give them money by buying all their games. Remember not long ago how Capcom was bragging that RE5 was their best-selling game ever or something?

Of course they're listening, and they're laughing all the way to the bank because they know regardless of how bad any of the games get, the "fans" will still buy them, lol.

Bhuahahaha1691d ago

they do

so expect they'll do the opposite of what fans asking for

KinjoTakemura1692d ago

Stop the pick up a gun, find some bullets, kill some monsters repetitive nonsense. Get back to the nuts and bolts of the games that made Resident Evil successful in the first place. Guns aren't the only way to stop an enemy from killing you. Variety is the spice of life. Give the players choices and let the player evaluate the level of danger they're facing. Let the player decided whether or not to run, hide, or fight. Boss fights do not belong in survival horror, LEAVE THEM OUT!!! That's all I can think of for now.

cfc781692d ago

I think the boss fights(tyrant and nemesis etc) in the earlyer games were done right and added well to the story but a lot of them in the other games weren't right for the genre of survival horror,i think the original got it spot on.

d3nworth11691d ago

Ahmen and stop with the overpowered characters and dropping mountains of ammo everywhere. Its not scary if you can mow down an army of zombies and not worry about ammo.

Tdmd1691d ago

I also like the idea of limited saves. I really miss those ink ribbons!

Walker1692d ago

Hope they learn some great things from The Last of Us !

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