The conditions are right: if Shenmue 3 doesn't happen this gen it won't happen at all

Save/Continue writes:

"Right, so we know that Yu Suzuki wants to make Shenmue 3; that much is obvious. There are however certain business realities in place which the legendary creator simply cannot ignore. Yet some fifteen years on after the torturous development of its Dreamcast predecessors, these realities are far more easily mitigated in 2014 than they were back in 1999, presenting Shenmue 3 with a stark fate. Simply, if the game doesn't release during this current generation of consoles, where the conditions are better than ever for its path to market, it won’t release at all."

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Sidology1695d ago

i still don't know what to think if shenmue 3 actually DOES happen. the end times, perhaps?

Bitsnark1695d ago

I can quite easily see myself going into a orgasm-inflicted coma and it could end up being the worst game ever, but I'll be so out of it I won't care.

Sort of like now really.

C-H-E-F1695d ago

Spontaneous Combustion... yup... sad because I won't be able to play it before....**POOF**

randomass1711695d ago

I'll tell you what will happen. Sega making money that they apparently don't want.

hollabox1694d ago

Sega needs to sell the Shenmue series to someone who cares. The series needs a reboot, Dreamcast/Xbox era could not do Yu Suzuki vision of Shenmue justice it deserves. I say sell Shenmue to Square Enix, make part 1&2 from scratch with new play mechanics, sound, and graphics. Action RPG with minimal emphasis on QTE will get the series back on track.

SegaGamer1694d ago

So get rid of parts of the game the fans loved about it ? no thanks. QTE are part of what made the 2 games great.

Sathur1694d ago

the QTE was great. it was the first time I saw it in any game. now nearly every game tries the same. recently Tomb Raider reboot used it.
You don't need to change anything about Shenmue. It was and is brilliant.

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Massacred1695d ago

Support grows each day.

knifefight1695d ago

"if Shenmue 3 doesn't happen this gen it won't happen at all"

Talk about safe predictions. This gen just began, and it'll last 5-7 years. Since it's already been 13 years (Dreamcast version, not the Xbox port)...that puts it hypothetically at the 20 year mark. Then yeah, I'd say it's a safe bet that it won't happen if it comes to that point in time.

sonic9891695d ago

i think it will happen this gen because at least this gen there is a company that recognizes the demand for the game and its Sony .
man imagine Sony making my Sega dream game come true woow thats mind blowing now Sonic Adventure 3 and jet set radio future sequel

gigoran1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

There is not enough. They are walking right into a financially failed game if they do it.

Do fans want it? Of course!
Do I want it? Well, I got both one and two on release day.
Are there enough people (fans and those interested) to make the game profitable? No.

You're not talking about releasing something like... mass effect 4 on PS4. This would be Shenmue 3, where the previous installment was 2 generations of gaming ago! With Mass Effect 4 people that have not played the series before have the chance to go back and do so. Senmue? I'm not just talking about the extra money it would cost to play the original 2. I'm talking about new gamers drunk on their modern visuals. It would be almost impossible to have them try to play those 2 games and then still be interested in the next installment.

Oh, just thought what others may be thinking. HD remakes of 1 and 2 on current gen systems? That makes it even more expensive. And then you would hear complaints like that idiot Patricia of Kotaku about quicktime events and the such. But again, I would totally buy them being a fan and all. But it would just make the financial hole even bigger!

But this isn't me I'm talking about. These are the people that will not buy the game and make it fail. I love the series. Dreamcast will always be my favorite console. And I would love to play Shenmue 3,4,5,6... but if it happens it's only going to be positive for the fans of the series. The developers would lose a heap of money, 100% canceling any further entries to the series. So you will be lucky to see 3, but 3 would absolutely be the last, making the series a little more complete, but still incomplete.

NarooN1695d ago

Truth. The first two games themselves didn't push a lot of copies, hence Sega not really supporting it after Shenmue 2 flopped. It would be impossible for them to release a third game and expect it to push some impressive sales figures. Most gamers out there have no clue what Shenmue is, outside of hearing fans hype it up/serenade it when it gets brought up. The game could be amazing, but it'd be a financial failure, sadly.

I'd love to see it though, and I'm sure Yu-san would as well, but there's a reason the game hasn't been made in all this time. There's no conspiracy about it, it's really just the money factor. Shenmue 1 was the most expensive game ever made when it came out. Could you imagine Shenmue 3 on PC/PS4/X1 and how much THAT would cost them to make in today's economy? Jesus...

gigoran1695d ago

Preaching to the choir. I am one of the fans since it was first released. Shenmue was a milestone in gaming, just as important as FF7 in terms of RPGs. It set a new standard. There are no games (except a hd remake of ff7) that I would want more than a continuation of Shenmue. Just, like I said it's going to only been good for the fans and bad for the business. It's unfortunate. The last time I saw someone do something for the fans and didn't care about the loss of money was Joss Whedon with Serenity. If someone can do that for us Shenmue fans he would be much appreciated. I just don't know of any examples of fan dedication in gaming.

randomass1711695d ago

Plenty of mature franchises have gained popularity in the past. If Sega would market these games properly, perhaps they would find a greater audience. But Sega never knows what to do it seems. They don't even really know what to do with their mascot right now.

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