PSLS - Cel Damage HD Review (PS4)

From PSLS:

"You may not have heard of Cel Damage HD, or maybe the name rings a bell somewhere in the far corners of your mind. That far corner of your mind would likely be in the year 2001, as that is when Cel Damage first released for the original Xbox. This game is an HD makeover of that original title, which received mixed reception both critically and commercially. Should we be rolling out the red carpet or should this game be left back in time 13 years ago?

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Wedge191695d ago

Seems like there was some potential but it just fell short, especially without adding any content to bring it to this generation.

porkChop1695d ago

Yeah you can't bring a nearly 15 year old game to modern consoles without any new content or anything. An HD touch up just isn't enough.

incendy351695d ago

Xbox One gets Forza 5, PS4 gets Cell Damage HD :D

maniacmayhem1695d ago

Yea that made a whole lot of sense.

DigitalRaptor1695d ago


Would make sense if Forza 5 was a vehicular combat game, and Cel Damage was a racer.