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GP: "Child of Light is breathtaking to behold and brilliant to play. Though not perfect in every regard, if any of Ubisoft's games deserve to be called a masterpiece, it's this one."

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devwan1666d ago

Game is getting lots of 9s and 10s, know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

1666d ago
Brad131861666d ago

"though not perfect in every regard..."

Gets a perfect 10/10

weekev151666d ago

Lol I thought the exact same thing.

LiViNgLeGaCY1665d ago

10/10 doesn't mean the game is perfect.

Nate-Dog1665d ago

It kind of does, or I should say it "should". If not actually perfect, then it surely means it is at the very least essentially perfect. This is what we get with such a messed up review system and over-exaggeration.

karl1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

since when 10 out of 10 means perfect?

u should just think about it as how much did he enjoy the game..

or how much u should not miss this game .....

(from his point of view always)

or something like that..

TheTowelBoy1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Agree. 10/10 means a quality experience that you thoroughly enjoyed without abandon. That doesn't mean that, lets say, the framerate didn't drop while you were playing. At the same time technicalities can stack up like that, till the point where you MUST take points off due to the readers of your review, and warning them of said problems. There's a difference between minor, non experience breaking things, and bigger problems that have underlying questions of how the game was made and it's quality. EDIT: for spelling

Stapleface1666d ago

Didn't read the article, because I've read enough about the game today. But doesn't "not perfect in every regard" contradict the 10/10 score given? He almost gave an honest review. There never has been a perfect game, that's why I just shake my head every time I see a 10/10. It's either the perfect game, with absolutely no room for improvement, or it's not a 10.

GamePodunk1665d ago

Hey Stapleface,

To answer your question, 10/10 on our site simply means that it's our highest recommendation; it isn't necessarily saying it's a perfect game in every way with no flaws since realistically, that doesn't exist, though I respect the opinion that many hold that that's what it should mean.

Geobros1666d ago

another 10??? wtf??? I am glad to be honest, looks amazing...

Skate-AK1665d ago

Great reviews for this game.

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