Destiny in our hands: Has Bungie Redefined the Shooter? ł CVG

In 2001 Bungie redefined the shooter with Master Chief's Xbox debut, and the Seattle-based studio appears determined to deliver an equally impactful inauguration with its next game, Destiny.

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Zombro1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

No looks similer to borderlands not like it's a bad thing tho but still I might not be able to understand the size till I actually play it myself. Looks great though

1662d ago
GiantEnemyCrab1662d ago

I see nothing here that makes me think that. Back to Titanfall.

Summons751662d ago

because Titanfall redefines using overused mechanics and simplifying everything to a kindergarden grade level.

Septic1662d ago

Someone obviously hasn't played titanfall

Summons751662d ago


Actually I have and if you look at a lot of articles and comments post release you can see a lot are starting to find it mediocre. It was overhyped, stop being in denial. COD with Robots and the free running from bring everyone hated but praise now (hypocrites).

LogicStomper1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )


So I just googles 'titanfall overhyped', and all I found was 2-3 forum posters say it was overhyped. So care to show what you words you googled and what the review links said?

mafiahajeri1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I see your bitter of seeing yourself distroyed a countless number of times in these gameplay videos, giantenemycrab...

spicelicka1662d ago

That's gotta be the coolest spaceship entrance everr!

I can see the improvement in graphics, I just know this game is going to be amazing.

breakpad1662d ago

Completely generic shooter with some RPG elements ..the recent trailer also shows the lack of innovation in level design(what you expect from an Activision owned company) the ar just too similar to all COD games it basically a COD with fancy colored weapons and RpG gimmicks ...Just lame ...