Destiny Update: No Player-to-Player Trading at Launch

Is player-to-player trading a big deal? Does this upset you? Will it cause you to NOT pick it up day one?

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micx1668d ago

It's not a dealbreaker, but it would be nice to see it.

osborn20091668d ago

I agree. It would be nice!

1668d ago
Lord_Sloth1668d ago

As long as I can at least drop items and trade that way then I'll be fine. If not I'll still be fine. I only deal with my brother anyways.

salmon_slapped1668d ago

I find it pretty dumb that we won't be able to trade with our friends especially since classes will likely cater to certain types (hunter with magnums/snipers). Especially since there's a ton of unique guns in the game and it will definitely make it more difficult to get the one you're looking for, but this is in no way shape or form a deal breaker for me especially since they mentioned at launch you won't be able to. Here's to hoping that they do get it out eventually and not months after release.

Salooh1668d ago

It would give the game a better feeling and experience if it comes first but it's not a big issue.

porkChop1668d ago

Trading is a necessity in a game like this, so hopefully they can patch it in not too far after launch.

LogicStomper1668d ago

Trading does have its ups and downs. I understand what you mean easily, you find a cool weapon that your friend specialises with, you want to trade it with him. Just like Borderlands trading.

What I think Ittoryu is thinking, is that if someone duplicates or mods a weapon, being unable to trade won't allow this weapon to be exploited. Also similar with Borderlands modded weapons and shields.

To be honest, I'd like to try out a game which doesn't allow trading. That way, I won't have people who go "Look what weapons I found last night, an entire inventory of legendaries" when in fact, they just nabbed it off some modder/duplicator.

porkChop1668d ago

I think you should at least be able to trade with people who have been on your friends list for a certain period of time, say at least a month. That would prevent farming and would ensure we're only trading with real friends.

Ittoryu1668d ago

Good no currency farming, item farming and other crap that drags down an MMO.

LogicStomper1668d ago

I actually agree with this to some degree. I've played MMO's which have had rare weapons increase in value 1000-fold due to item and gold farmers. It also allows people to obtain these hard-to-get weapons with very little effort.

Ittoryu1668d ago

Yeah it would really suck if people had to actually, ya know play the game?!?!lol

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