What Wins the Console War?

CCC Says: "Right now, gamers everywhere are waving their consoles around trying to suggest that they are winning the console war. PS4 users in particular are sitting pretty saying, “look we have a couple more million sales than the Xbox One, so we win, nyah!” Of course, early on in the console wars, Xbox One users were saying the same thing."

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cfc781667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Hardware,Games,Fans having all 3 doesn't hurt,i love my x1 but i can't see a launch in japan evening the sales up you might as well launch it on the moon for all the good that will do towards sales being equal.

badboy7761667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

What made the PS2 the highest selling console of all time?


Trekster_Gamer1666d ago

Is there really a war??
I understand back in the 16 bit days of SNES and SEGA there was nowhere near the shear amount of gamers as there is now.

There is big enough an install base and then some to go around.

The so called war is propagated by trolling journalism, and fanboys that think they are the mouthpiece for there respective console.

Benjaminkno1666d ago

I'm not sure. I always thought it was the one that sold the most consoles. But profitability should be a factor. I mean, even if you sell 100 million consoles, it's not a "win" if you didn't make any money.

It depends on the perspective of the company or the gamer.

tgunzz1666d ago

There is no console war for me. I get one shot on this planet and I want to enjoy all that I can. I have always fought to own all game consoles because of my love for arcades, and I duplicate it as best as I can. When family and friends are over, there is no debate, no war, no insults on choice, no sales tracking, just pure joy, and excitement!!!! I have 3 xb1's, 3 ps4's, and now 3 wiiu's, all one their own 32in panels. You come in pick a console, and play!!! It's all different for each person, and respect is always maintained, so pick your system (I can only recommend any one of them), and play what you want.. Gamers Respect Gamers..

LuckyDuck121666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Sadly, not everyone has as much disposable income as you and can only afford one console. So a choice has to be made to get one or the other, and it really comes down to which one has more compelling games.

tgunzz1666d ago

Heck, no more than the next person (this is just more of a passion/this and home theater) . Some people are into sneakers/smart phones (I still use a flip phone with no camera,and yes I get teased a ton by everyone/my son included) etc, etc. At the end (imho), I think any choice is a great choice.

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