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Steins;Gate was released back in 2009 to the PC, and over the years it’s seen many ports to other platforms and even got a manga and anime series, most of which have never made it over to the West. The game even got a retooled versions and a sequel of sorts. However, the only format that made it overseas was the anime about a few years ago. That is until now. 5 Years after its release, the original PC version makes its way to the West. It’s interesting as the publisher JASTUSA typically specializes in hentai games. Although they have been dipping into non-eroge territory lately. And I’m grateful, as Steins;Gate is one of the better Visual Novels that I’ve experienced. Read on more as Eric Kelly of Gametactics reviews Steins;Gate for Windows PC

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Sly-Lupin1665d ago

Oh, cool, it got localized.
I'd totally buy it if it were on Steam.