What is the Future of GameStop?

CCC Says: "It might be time to consider a name change for this iconic staple of the gaming industry…very soon.

There’s no denying what’s blowing in the wind. We’ve seen the snowball effect of the digital age gain momentum more and more over the last several years. Now, we may have hit critical mass. Many have speculated that the day would come when your cluttered entertainment shelves would no longer be filled with plastic game cases. The expansion of the digital revolution has since seeped into virtually every aspect of our lives. The CD aisle of your local department store is practically a joke at this point, while more and more people are opting to purchase their movies from either iTunes or stream them via Netflix. It may have taken a bit longer to catch up, but the games industry is, slowly but surely, following suit.

So what does that trend mean for a brick and mortar store like GameStop?"

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