To Leave Runs PS4 At 1080p/60fps, Sony "Really Working Their Asses Off To Help Devs Like Us"

Freaky Creations' Estefano Palacios and Jorge Blacio on how Sony is helping indie developers in Ecuador.

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ATi_Elite1361d ago

"To Leave Runs PS4 At 1080p/60fps"

REALLY? that's like telling me Atari Pac-man runs at 1080p/60 on teh PS4.

The story here is how Sony is finding time to help smaller Devs with any issues and Sony is giving them support to make quality products no matter the graphical intensity.

Good Job Sony, always happy to hear about Dev/Gamer Support from the platform holder.

1361d ago

How dare you make fun of this lol You are right though! These Sony Fans downvote like it means something dear to them XD

specialguest1361d ago

1080p and 60fps seems to be the buzz words that will get you hits these days. Did we really needed to know that a simple 2d indie game runs at those performance levels? Lol

Dhuie1360d ago

Yeah it's great too see Sony taking the time and making the effort with all devs not just AAA producers.

1360d ago
antikbaka1360d ago

I wonder if Invaders or Patapon would run 60 fps on ps4 :3 i want sony to tell me that every "tablet requirement" game can do it

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Notramagama1361d ago


shouldn't ever trust someone who wants you to give them your money

Lowsnamebrand1361d ago

If Sony's helping all these smaller devs like this, I only imagine what they're doing with first and third party big budget studios

mkis0071361d ago

Indies are the way to the top this gen. Dev's will remember the effort Sony has taken to get them making games at the highest level.

Magicite1361d ago

Indies eventually can become big, you know?

chrissx1361d ago

Sony really means buisness this gen when it comes to games

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1361d ago

And they really meant business last gen and the gen before that considering PS2 and PS3 had the most exclusives.

tiger4ever1360d ago

Don't take my word on it, but I'm pretty sure all corporate companies means buisness.

AndrewLB1360d ago

Is that why there are just so many great PS4 games to choose from right now?

I don't believe either Sony or Microsoft because they will both lie to ensure the sheep keeping eating what they're fed.

There must have been 100+ news articles on this site alone where Sony confirmed, guaranteed, and even printed it on the game packaging that KZSF was full 1080p, but they got caught and it's only 960x1080i.

king_george1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )


Well the system isnt even a year old yet... so how can you logically expect games to just appear within that small amount of time? Everyone knows that Sony is extremely reliable when it comes to creating GOTY contender games. Why would this gen be any different?

But i agree with the rest of what you said. It can be bad to place a ton of trust in a company thats after your money. Although, sony has earned a bit of mine :p

MasterCornholio1361d ago

Dang a game made by Ecuadorians. Its great that Sony is helping these guys out.


fOrlOnhOpe571361d ago

It's all in the fine detail that's making the PS4 a success. Sony sure put a great plan together.

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The story is too old to be commented.