Is Original Programming The Best Move For Microsoft And Xbox One?

Netflix won an Emmy, and the message to the rest of the tech community was clear: make TV shows. Make so, so many TV shows, right now. Today, we hear from Microsoft, which is putting some of its considerable resources behind original programming for the Xbox platform — these shows will be available on all Windows platforms, but the focus is clearly on the brand-new Xbox One.

At the outset, it seems like a good fit. Microsoft has wanted the Xbox to become an entertainment platform since its inception, even if it encountered something of a backlash once it made that goal more explicit last year. It owns a handful of properties, most notably the Halo franchise, that gamers have been itching to see as movies and TV for years. Microsoft has access to the Kinect, which while still largely unproven, could theoretically open up a whole new realm of interactivity (and metrics for advertisers).

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hello121690d ago

I'm all for it. I prefer if they stick to video games stories though.

Gears of war series would be awesome to watch.

avengers19781690d ago

All depends on how much money they put into, and if that money will start to be returned, through subscriptions, and XB1 purchases, though I think it's across all MS products.

Way to early to tell really, and no one knows for sure when this will be launching.

hello121690d ago

I read June some of this stuff will be available?

Deadpool1011690d ago

Im for it depending on how much they charge to watching. Im already paying for Xboxlive, Sky and Netflix

Hercules1891690d ago

I don't think that it costs anything or atleast nothing was announced about fees except that xbox live gold might be required I assume. Especially since Microsoft wants to bring gamers in to buy consoles, whats a better way than to have Halo and Gears tv shows that can add to the experience along with original content as well.

Deadpool1011690d ago

Well if thats the case im all in lol

headblackman1690d ago

anything new that's never been done is good for the sake of pushing us forward into the future.

was the creation of toilet paper and soap the best move for hygiene?