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"The first Strike Mission I played in Destiny presented a familiar feel from previous first-person shooters made by Bungie, but with a dash of something new. For all intents and purposes, Destiny sounds massive: It's a world filled with strife and opportunity to craft a legendary hero. Distinct focus paths and special abilities distinguished the different character classes of Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. But the slice of gameplay I played on a PS4 only filled in a small part of a much bigger picture. And though I enjoyed it, there's still so much more to see."

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Salooh1605d ago

Just pre ordered it, didn't get the beta though :( . Anyone know if i should wait a little bit or something. Someone i know pre ordered it and got it in the same time.

Meltic1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

to late bro. U should have pre order it a while ago.


Where do you live ?. I live in europé and my gamestop shop told me that its too late now to get access to the beta code. I Think if u pre order it now u will get access to a flying machine ?.

MysticStrummer1605d ago

Yeah I'm sure a lot of people want in on this beta.

Salooh1605d ago

They still say that they will send me a code before the beta start, o.o. You sure ?. If so then i will cancel it and pre order it in psn. I prefer digital , it's better for me.

1605d ago
mikeslemonade1604d ago

Just got my code from Amazon . I got it instantly after I preordered it.

redwin1604d ago

So, PS finally gets to play HALO. Some how I'm not too excited to play this game, seems like I see this before, almost as if it's generic. Now, the Division. That I'm excited about.

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Septic1605d ago

My mate pre-ordered it today and got the code today. Speak to the retailer mate.

Borma1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I am not sure 14Feb. This is taken from the Destiny site FAQ. "If you pre-ordered on October 1st, 2013 or later, the code is either printed on the receipt, on a flyer you should have received at time of purchase, or sent to you via email through a retail rewards program." It also mentions only certain retailers will have Beta codes. Where did you pre-order from if you don't mind me asking.

Keep checking your e-mail 14Feb. Amazon is definitely a participant in the handing out of Beta Codes. Might just take a little time.

Salooh1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Amazon uk . You know if they will send the code ?. The link is above.

xpressyoself1605d ago

i did it last night from amazon and got the code for it....

randomass1711605d ago

That isn't right. The beta is pretty open, so your retailer should have provided you a code. Check in with them.

XisThatKid1605d ago

I'm so glad they announced the BETA date today.
The internet's a trip its what I get.

Fiestabrian1605d ago

When can i jump into the beta fray? I hve yet to see the beta launch date

ZodTheRipper1605d ago

I think they only said that it's being revealed soon ...they didn't announce any specific date yet.

XisThatKid1605d ago

nope it's the internet hyping it up like there was going to be a BETA release date today but we can only speculate on rumors as individuals oh well...

HaveAsandwich1605d ago

pre-ordered from amazon about 4 days go. beta was sent almost immediately.

Clown_Syndr0me1604d ago

Damn Ipreordered on Amazon for both x1 and ps4 4 months ago and no codes!

Lior1605d ago

might just wait for star citizen, looks way better than this borderlands style shooter

sourav931604d ago

*Sigh*...Star Citizen and Destiny are 2 completely different type of games.

ForgivenZombie1604d ago

More Console on youtube hides beta codes in his videos, you might want to check them out.

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Mikelarry1605d ago

One of my most anticipated title cant wait to play the beta

Software_Lover1605d ago

OMG, soooooo much Halo in this video. Even the way the enemy drops from the ship all together.

Not saying its bad, because I love Halo. I'm just wondering how people who don't like Halo will like this game.

randomass1711605d ago

Well the gunplay me feel like Halo and of course artistically it looks similar. But this is Bungie. Halo is not ALL they know.

ginsunuva1604d ago

Actually, I think Halo is all they know.

randomass1711604d ago

What about Marathon? And obviously they are branching out with Destiny.

zeuanimals1605d ago

Not the biggest fan of Halo campaigns (or most FPS campaigns in general), but going through co-op is fun, sometimes.

I might enjoy this, I might not. Again, (I). My opinion is probably in the minority since I don't really enjoy co-op or MP games, but the game's lore and worlds look promising. I hope it's got unique personalities and it isn't just "go do this raid", "go get this thing", etc.

Baka-akaB1605d ago

"I'm just wondering how people who don't like Halo will like this game. "

i'm not that worried , Halo and Marathon their first actual hit on Mac shared a lot of similarities and ties ... yet it didnt mean every Marathon fans even liked Halo (i'd say vice versa , but they probably didnt even know Marathon).

Destiny will probably have it's own vibe and gameplay . I already got a strong dose of Mass effect for the mood and universe from the very first feeds .

And truth be told , some people simply trashed Halo because it was THE flagship of their rival camp . While a few other were hyping the heck out of it , because it's their flagship , even if interested by other games

Software_Lover1605d ago

Yeah, I did sense some Mass Effect also.

I agree with your post.

ZodTheRipper1605d ago

This is a RPG, not Halo. I never saw the hype in Halo but I'm pretty excited for this.

ScareFactor1604d ago

It's an RPG that is based on Halo

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markyboy21811605d ago

cuz it don't look like ya playing a kids cartoon game that's y..... I hate halo most overrated games Eva but this looks good

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