Sony PlayStation 3 and Vita Popular With American Anime Fans

Although Sony has remained in the headlines since last year with the release of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), American fans of popular games based on anime and manga have kept the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Vita platforms as relevant as ever. Banking on the exponentially growing American Otaku market, game developers are exporting games for the Sony PS3 and Vita on the strength of the “fun factor,” and the obsession of these enthusiasts. There is a growing number of young Otaku gamers who are opting to purchase these older platforms now to enjoy the anime-based offerings coming out, while waiting for a larger volume of exclusive games for the PS4 to purchase the latest system.

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BenqMagician1664d ago

I own a X1 but I still have my PS3 for anime games and yes I own a vita can't wait for Sword Art Online.

DualWielding1663d ago

I have vita and ps3 for jrpgs haven't bought ps4 because it has no jrpgs

Godmars2901663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Yeah. Cause they were knida expecting some anime. Because, you know, the PS2 had some. Several dubbing companies even advertised the console's DVD movie function.

Pity how it took so long to see JRPGs - in force - on the PS3. And someone - *cough*Square*cough* - really let fans down.

And yes I'm still bitter about it!

nidhogg1663d ago

I buy handhelds for JRPGs. Golden Sun was, I think, the most influential to me when it comes to that genre. And now that the Vita is getting a great share of these JRPG goods, I can't say how I'm so satisfied.