Houston Rockets’, Troy Daniels, Gets Recognized in NBA 2K14

The Game Fanatics: It was a shot heard around the basketball world as rookie, Troy Daniels, saved the Houston Rockets’ season with a thrilling three-point basket. NBA 2K’s Twitter account announced that he will be added to the game in an upcoming roster update.

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jjonez181688d ago

He kept them from getting swept. It all could have been quick, easy, and painless.
Portland is gonna blowout Houston in game 5.

dericb111688d ago

They are fairly even so a blowout is far fetched. A close win or maybe by 10 would more than likely happen.

2pacalypsenow1688d ago

lol the rockets will be eliminated before the update comes out

Outside_ofthe_Box1688d ago

Troy Daniels is going to be a problem one day. Remember he's a rookie. I see him being a knock down three point shooter like Steve Noak but with more athleticism so he's not just one dimensional.