Madden NFL 15 Release Date is August 26 (Details)

onPause writes:

Today EA Sports announced that the latest game in their longstanding NFL series will be available on August 26th with Madden NFL 15. The game will also have the cover athlete vote, which is set to begin on May 6th.

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NYC_Gamer1569d ago

I'm not expecting any real changes in terms of gameplay and animations

Grown Folks Talk1569d ago

I'll be somewhat satisfied if you can change direction w/o completely stopping. Especially on kick/punt returns. Also WRs/TEs who don't drop every pass because someone touches them.

nevin11569d ago

I haven't played a superb Madden game since Madden 2004.

I haven't played a good football since NFL 2K5.

Psychotica1569d ago

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring up 2k5...that comment will never die. They could make Madden better than the real NFL and people would still say it sucked just for the fun of it and chant for 2k5. Every year, it's tradition!

Coach_McGuirk1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

some competition is needed. that's all they're saying with those comments.

BIB1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Well it was NFL2K5 that lit a fire under EA's a$$...The NFL2K series made a checks and balances against EA's stronghold on sports titles...Ever since they bought the NFL license with NO competitors...They've become quite stagnant on progressing the Madden series because they are without competition.

If NFL2K wasn't a legit threat why did EA buy the NFL license to begin with?

Skate-AK1569d ago

Yep. It's about that time.

LambOfLucifer791569d ago

Phooey. I want a new NCAA Football game :(

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