“We Need To Redefine What Nintendo Must Do,” Says Satoru Iwata

While Nintendo’s president and CEO Satoru Iwata will be facing a crucial challenge later this year, he took time to speak with about how he will be carrying on the will of the late former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi on how Nintendo should always be a company for entertainment, but not necessarily just for videogames.

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Concertoine1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Wii U starting to give Iwata gray hairs lol. I still havr no idea what QOL... is.
When is their next fiscal report, does anyone know? Im curious to see if they met their results even after slashing them.

randomass1711695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Well aren't you just a basket of sunshine? Quality of Life is basically a product to help enhance your general health, I think. Anyway, I don't see why this is a big issue. Nintendo is expanding and they've already said video games is their primary focus. They're a big enough company, so why wouldn't they expand into other markets for more revenue. Microsoft was just a computer company and now they're making video games. Sony was just into TVs. Now they make video games. This can be a great move for Nintendo in the long term.

@disagrees So, do people disagree with me thinking it's good for Nintendo to expand? Or they disagree with Microsoft and Sony being more than games companies? Or is it the definition of QoL I thought of? I'm confused here.

Concertoine1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

They might be disagreeing because i never said that QOL was a bad thing. Im just not sure what it is, and clearly you arent either emphasized by the "i think" following a vague description lol.
And as far as i'm concerned, i'm a damn 6-foot grave filled to the BRIM with sunshine ;)

1695d ago
LOL_WUT1695d ago

@Concertoine Im sure with the release of MK8 it'll definitely put them past their goal which went from an absurd 9 million to a 2.8 ;)

@randomass171 "Microsoft was just a computer company" and "Sony was just into TVs" Sigh...

randomass1711695d ago

Way to miss the point LOL_WUT. Microsft and Sony did not start their companies making video game products. Then they did and it was awesome. Companies can expand and do more than just gaming. When Nintendo started did you know they made trading cards and not video games? Nintendo can succeed by expanding. There's nothing inherently wrong about that. Oh, but I guess I can only dream about that too, right?

Concertoine1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

But that goal expired March 31st, theyre preparing a new goal ending the next fiscal. So MK8 is irrelevant in relation to the 2.8 goal. Unless i'm mistaken.
Im wondering if they hit the 2.8 because it'd be absolutely embarassing to slash 70% then fail to meet that.

Retroman1695d ago

back in the 30's-40's Nintendo was a card company first then video games.

research is good.

randomass1711695d ago

"And as far as i'm concerned, i'm a damn 6-foot grave filled to the BRIM with sunshine ;)"

Okay, this made me laugh lol. Fair enough, I don't know much about QoL nor do I claim to. I was just refuting that there is just as much to be positive about as it can be negative. For all we know, Nintendo's QoL approach could make them even more money to compete with better hardware. Or it could lose them more money. Who knows?

Concertoine1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I agree. Iwata is not an idiot like some of his more harsh detractors might claim, he's the most lucrative CEO in gaming history for a reason. A lot of people say he's lucky but you don't just stay lucky for 10 years. That said i'm a gamer and not a shareholder, and on the gaming front, mainly the Wii U one, he is under delivering. If he wants to experiment with further ventures, then it probably wouldnt hurt too much financially to do so even if it did fail, and hopefully that money would help fund game development.

randomass1711695d ago

Yeah Iwata has under delivered for sure. Obviously the launch was botched and Nintendo's been slow with a lot of their promises. But slow progress is better than no progress and I'm at least looking forward to Mario Kart, Smash and Bayonetta. Crossing my fingers at some nice announcements for E3 though. At this point they can't afford not to have a good show, I think.

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LOL_WUT1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

“This subject came to light when Yamauchi passed away, but I felt ‘our surroundings are greatly changing. We need to redefine what Nintendo must do, from this point on.’'

Just like when they underestimated the transition to HD, online gaming, future proof hardware and a more unified system. Nintendo is definitely feeling the pressure from both Sony and Microsoft due to the success of their newest consoles. Hopefully this new path of 'QOL' is a good one for Nintendo. ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1695d ago

that stuff didn't matter til 2009. 2005-7 HD games were terrible as a matter of fact. They weren't HD. They were 720p and below.

Nintendo had online gaming.
Mario on both Wii and DS, Metroid on DS, Zelda on DS, Pokemon, Smash Bros. and many third parties.

Nintendo isn't feeling pressure at all. Maybe from hardware sales that but everything from game development to software sales Nintendo is still top.

Clearly you didn't play DS and Wii long enough to see what it offered.

Also Nintendo doesn't enforce DRM whatsoever.
You buy a used 3DS. If the system isn't formated you can download all previously purchases on that system. Club Nintendo being Nintendo current unified attempt. As it can be use to register all of your purchases.

NYC_Gamer1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Nintendo needs to fix their home console market before they even think about trying to expand elsewhere

randomass1711695d ago

Can't they do both? It's not like their gaming division will be working heavily if at all on the QoL stuff. For example you don't have SCEA staff working on products for Sony's film studio.

kiddy1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Its just sad being à Nintendo fan Why didnt they Wait to release it could have upgrade the hardware i mean it took half a year for virtual to come and no games yes they might not have won but it would have Been more competition but hope they and specially iwata learn

Axonometri1695d ago

How about building a console to directly compete with the other two main consoles? Stop your Gap-Gen philosophy, and make something people get excited about owning and playing games on. Hire some bleeding edge developers and make some 1st party new IP's that blow us away. Don't get me wrong, we will always respect Mario and crew, just open your eyes and look at what excites gamers.

Go ahead and make Mario, just every 3rd year.

4logpc1695d ago

Do we really need 3 consoles that are all very similar in terms of power and features?

In my opinion Nintendo is targeting a different market, and that is just fine. Software will always drive the hardware. If Nintendo makes games people want, they will buy the Wii U no matter how powerful it is.

Axonometri1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Why is the Wii U selling so poorly? It has great games. Maybe not enough, but what is available is high caliber. Why does so few want it? I love it. I think it is a great piece of hardware and most 1st party the games are awesome.

My thoughts were how to get the mass of gamers to Nintendo again. A piece of hardware that is inferior to the other new consoles is obviously not what the majority want. Nintendo wants to succeed, they can't just listen and plan on the handful of Super Nintendo fans that would buy anything with an N on it.

4logpc1695d ago

The problem with your theory is that the mass audience cares about the power of a console. Sorry, but the majority of people that buy consoles dont care at all how powerful a console is.

A majority of my friends that are hardcore gamers don't even care. Just like the casuals, they want the software that is unique. Exclusive titles are what sell consoles, not the chips inside them.

N4g_null1695d ago

Axo it is not about power. The ps4 and xbone are both as gimped as the wiiu. The next gen jump was defined at 2 teraflops and almost getting there will not work. I mean this is why watchdogs didn't work on consoles at first, why battle field is still broken. The truth is the other consoles are barely more powerful than the wiiu. They all use gpgpu setups. They all have ram that hides the cpus real power.

Basicly you will get more last gen games that may look next gen due to the slight jump in power.

The power argument is just brought up so everyone gets the console you are getting. Most don't know sram will always be better than gddr5. Most people also don't know that 8 gigs of gddr5 with a weak cpu would be useless like how an old pentium cpu using gddr5. Sony is in the tech hype game. That has worked for them 4 gens so far. Luckily they sell to kids because adults drop sony a long time ago because of that tactic.

It's like a car dealer advertising turning speed vs straight line speed lol. When we know highway speed matters. Or added more tires to a car will add value for normal drivers.

The idea of potential games and features are the reason sony is selling along with great pr help from fans. Pr wise the wiiu was played down heavily and the add on tripe was added. The hard core was mad at nintendo for the wii. Yes they are that petty, just watch them in fps they always hold a gruge. They are waiting for nintendo to not do what they say but to start making perfect dark like games. Games that are nintendo yet they have great detailing and story. This E3 may be a bust no matter what they do unless they do the above. Yet we will wait year after year for them to rock again since they obviously will nor die this year. Also people maybe buying the ps4 to help sony not die. They like the edginess. It makes them feel like an adult.

Also pans tower, xenoblade, and last story should have been wiiu games. Art will always win over the hardcore... then game play and the last effort is liking the story. Mine craft has no real story....

KonsoruMasuta1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Your idea is not a good one. Nintendo needs to focus on this generation before they start focusing on their next console. Also, if you're suggesting they should drop the WiiU and give the finger to the people who bought, that's an even worse idea.

They need to finish this gen with the WiiU. Fans are not going to stand for them dropping support for the WiiU just so they can make a consoles that is more powerful and expensive than the console they just dropped support for.

"Hey, we're dropping support for our current console. Don't worry, you can enjoy our new console that is more powerful and 100 - 200 dollars more than our old one. Have fun spending another 400 after you just dropped 300 on our last console!"

They can decide if they want to focus on stronger hardware next gen. However, that isn't going to work this gen. This gen, they need to make the WiiU work.

wonderfulmonkeyman1695d ago

It's selling poorly due to a botched advertisement campaign.

MasterCornholio1695d ago

And the weak hardware, price and lack of 3rd party support. Poor marketing is only one piece of the puzzle.

N4g_null1695d ago

Along with a strong push back of negative press which is out weighting the little effort out forth. What is funny is that way could be working. If you remember the wiiu was almost last. People got a taste of next gen with the Xbox 360 and got tired of it. The ps3 was more of the same plus more expensive. The same is happening now. The elephant in the room is there is nothing to play on the ps4 right now. The same goes for the xbone, which for once has slightly better lunch games if you believe the review scores. Yet Nintendo has everything you need to have a great year gaming if you don't already have one. Each of their franchises are being tested one by one. A few more to go and I'm sure nintendo will be ready to improve again. Also we have another year in a half before next gen is figured out gpgpu wise. Project cars maybe the first real effort.

wonderfulmonkeyman1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Let's set a few things straight.
#1 the wii u is already selling at a significant loss.
Do you want it to become like the ps3, which took years to make substantial profit?
Then drop that argument. It makes no sense from a business perspective to cut the price further when advertisement levels would still be Holding the system back from selling. Advertisement MUST come first before a price drop would produce sales significant enough to balance the difference.
#2 The tech in the wii u is not an issue big enough to stop developers who are not lazy from making amazing games on the system; regardless of how many mediocre sparkle-fest multiplats it misses out on because of lower graphical capabilities, third parties can still make fantastic games on it.

Bad advertisement is the root of the wii u's sales woes, period, because without that, there's no hype.
And the ps4 has proven beyond argument that enough hype can make a system sell, even without a strong initial games lineup during launch.

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