Too Many Indie Games on PS4 and Not Enough Triple A Titles?

There are a huge number of Indie games that are out now for the Ps4 and many more are on their way. Are they good enough too fill the void of Triple A.

We discuss whether the lack of Triple A Games and a lack of announced exclusives for the PS4 a big deal and whether the Indie games are a good thing over all.

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Bennibop1690d ago

There is no lack of aaa on ps4, but I would expect a piece like this from Kingdon. Check out his comment history!

KingDon1690d ago

Did you even watch the Video?


NewMonday1690d ago

by next month the big game thirst should be quenched, both high quality artfull games and big budget experiences are coming for almost all tastes..

Bound by Flame (RPG)
Child of Light (RPG)
Transistor (RPG'ish)
Daylight (horror)
Wolfenstein (FPS)
Watch Dogs (sandbox)

christian hour1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I watched it KingDon :) I think your headline was a little too grabby and people just saw it as a negative jab at Sony featuring many indie games and came rushing to comment, it's how 80% of N4G's members roll.

People need to remember what other console launches were like, pre-digitalMarketplace. The first year or so of a consoles life was always slow, and for good logical reasons too.

This is the first generation I've experienced that has had tonnes of small indie games to kill time with between the big studio titles. The enjoyment you get from those indie titles of course is entirely subjective, but for me personally I'm having a blast with them.

Finally getting to play octodad with friends (after putting a good few hilarious hours in to the PC release earlier this year) and I cannot wait for people who didnt get to enjoy the PC release of Rogue Legacy finally getting their hands on it soon. You will lose days to that game I assure you :)

For 3 generations Sony have always delivered fantastic 1st party titles to Playstation owners, and for 2 generations MS delivered good 1st party titles to xbox owners though tend to lessen towards the end of its cycle. I know there will be great titles released over this generation from both parties, and some fatnastic indie titles included in the bunch. To say having more varied choices is a bad thing or to run and complain about it online is just "idiocracy" in play. I figure these are the same kind of people that complain there's too many indie titles on steam... 0_0

I quite enjoyed listening to the opinions in your videos, they were full of logic and sound reasoning :)

levian1689d ago

There is a lack of AAA games - for now. It's still early in the PS4's life, barely out of launch. And within the year, we'll be swimming in AAA's.

Sure, there's a LOT of indie games. I'm not the biggest fan of indies in general but there are a fair few that have caught my attention and became some of my favourite games. But there's no such thing as "too many" indie games, whether you like them or not. It's not like the indies are replacing, or holding back the AAA's. Sony isn't sitting around thinking "well, they have their indies, lets not bother making any more games!".

This isn't the Ouya

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Massacred1690d ago

Patience. They are on the way. Indie help fill the spaces.

dlb3131689d ago

Name 10, hell 3 FREE PSN downlodable Triple-A game titles available TODAY. Games that are also on disk just like PS3 just got Batman early April '14.
cnet. com/products/sony-playstation- 4/
Contrast and Resogun are NOT Triple-A titles.

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swishersweets200311690d ago

it's like saying a games only good unless it backed by a million dollar conglomerate, and the indie games cannot be a AAA game. The indie games are great if you don't think so then that's your problem, shut the hell up and go play on a different platform then.

KingDon1690d ago

Again... Watch the video.. Watch it before commenting on it.

Clown_Syndr0me1690d ago

Some of them a're good but half of them are on PC/PS3.
No one bought a PS4 to play those.
Not moaning as I understand com'sconsole launches, but I see why people are frustrated.
The answer is own an X1 and PS4. I've had plenty to play.

imt5581690d ago

AAA games do not go out every day. Period! Play what you have in offer for now.

GameDev11690d ago


You go into some really good points in your video, great job

But you are better off putting this down as an opinion piece and writing the main points from the video, as noboby wants to see you really playing Dead Nation

And that headline maybe change it, you know people here go mostly by headlines which is why you have comments like that.

MysticStrummer1690d ago

"you know people here go mostly by headlines"

Yeah he knows. He's counting on it, but sometimes it backfires.

jhoward5851690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I understand most Devs want to spend more time polishing up their AAA games before releasing it.

But, the problem I have is that there aren't enough good indies game on PSN to keep us entertained until the AAA games comes out. There just too many Nintendo-ish sprite games on PSN. we need more games like dead nation. Not a bunch of some simple sprite games with few stages.

Though,I wouldn't mind having a sprite game like the NES metroid.

HaydenJameSmith1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

The problem I have with PS4 and Sony is people buy consoles for Games and as great as Indie Games are, they should not be the focus of a games library and that is the case on the PS4... they are great addition to a Games Library but should not be the focus. I did not buy my PS4 for just Indie Games and they haven't announced a lot of AAA games.

And this is why I come back to my Xbox One more often, MS have an advantage cause they can afford more 1st party developers than Sony atm who have had to let talented developers go... So this the problem I think Sony face atm, not enough first party games atm and to much focus on Indie Games, they are great but shouldn't be the focus.

jhoward5851690d ago

I feel your pain...I have often felt the same way. Sony need to bring out some AAA titles because I'm completely bored of my PS4.

After SS I haven't played my PS4 since. That why I grew frustrated when I heard drive club was pushed back again. But everyone on N4G didn't agree with me. Like you I didn't buy a PS4 just to play a bunch of Indies games.

The ones on PSN sucks. not all of them. I hate to say this, but Sony better get to steppin or else MS is going to take their title.

imt5581690d ago

Both consoles has lack of AAA games at the beginning. Think twice :

McScroggz1690d ago

"MS have an advantage cause they can afford more 1st party developers than Sony"

Sony has more first party development studios than Microsoft, and each of them have a history for us to see. You can't honestly believe Sony has the problem with first party games and that Microsoft will be fine, because that is completely backwards. I mean, you do know that Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Titanfall are all third party developed right? And that PvZ is only a timed exclusive?

guyman1690d ago

Since when was indie Sony's focus? you obviously never had a ps3 and are unaware that sony continuously released amazing AAA exclusives throughout the ps3's life, most of which produced by sony's first party studios... so your comment implies that you're extremely impatient as it's almost only six months into the ps4's term. Ridiculous really.

Farsendor11690d ago

ps4 has almost as many aaa games as x1, just because sony talks about indie doesnt mean we arent getting aaa titles.

HaydenJameSmith1690d ago

Yes they are third party developed... but there still first party games... ie they are second party developers, at least MS are trying to get us some AAA games and just cause PvZ is a timed exclusive doesn't necessarily mean it'll come to PS4... And you cant honestly believe Sony are in a position to support a lot of first party development when there company is in financial decline... I have no problem with Sony exclusives and wud love to see a return but Sony are having to let talented develpers go and u cant make games with out developers...

since nearly there whole game library is Indie games... And I had a PS3 and loved it and all the games but this opinion is towards the PS4 and Sony now, not then... Sony weren't in financial decline last gen, so atm they don't seem to be supporting as much first party games...

"you're extremely impatient as it's almost only six months into the ps4's term."

you say this yet what about the next 6 months and that will be a year into the consoles life... and yet we still will have very little 1st party games, you may think i sound impatient but the only other games announced for this year is Order 1886 and DriveClub but no confirmed release dates... the Last of Us remake does not count that is just a cash in, admittedly a cash in I will gladly pay for...

Fact is Sony is in financial decline atm and if I am the only one who sees that then you are the delusional one's... but is no way a hate piece toward PS or Sony, im just being realistic...


Still has more 1st party games (exclusion of Indie Games) released and more announced than Sony, Im just worried that there is going to be really large gaps between 1st party games from Sony and this is not good...

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HaydenJameSmith1690d ago

I agree man, I think the PS4 is great but lacking AAA games...

But if MS and Sony are fighting for the title for the whole generation the main people who will benefit is us the gamers :)

So I'm not to worried, just waiting till E3 to see what both Company's have planned for us... Last of Us should get me back on the PS4 a lot over the summer as I haven't played it yet...

Clown_Syndr0me1690d ago

Well said, the competition is brilliant it will keep both companies on their toes and should provide a great experience for everyone.

Hicken1690d ago

Why don't you think the XB1 lacks AAA games? It has just one or two games more, which isn't a large enough gap for you to say one has enough, while the other comes up short.

So why only mention one?

LoveOfTheGame1689d ago

We all know you love to talk about your XB1, but please, this is a PS4 article.

God forbid we talk about the console in question rather than deflect the question to the competition.